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News and events

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31 Mar

Dr Troy Sarina was featured on Channel 7 Sunrise and Channel 7 The Latest with advice for people who have lost their jobs due to coronavirus

16 Mar

Associate Professor Yvette Blount discusses Working from home: how managers can make it work for their staff

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CWF Seminar Series

26 Feb 2020

Prof Erica Salvaj: Corporate women in Australian and Chilean business elites

18 Feb 2020

Dr Craig S. Fleisher: How to build a time machine for public affairs executives

12 Dec 2019

Dr Claire Wright: Really, really ridiculously good-looking: The corporate elite and capitalist imagination in twentieth century Australia

27 Nov 2019

Dr Ron Kerr and Professor Sarah Robinson: Mechanisms of terror?: Critical Management Studies Early Career Academics’ experiences of ‘targets and terror’ in the contemporary business school

21 Nov 2019

Associate Professor Sarah Kaine: Audit and remediation of labour issues in supply chains: Some reflections

29 Oct 2019

Ryohei Mogi: Cross-sectional average length of life by parity

22 Oct 2019

Hadyn Bernau: Social Risk

21 Oct 2019

Associate Professor Lan Snell: The Future of Work: What are you doing to future-proof yourself?

25 Sep 2019

Dina Petrakis: Settlement Services International (SSI) Ignite Small Business Start-Up Initiative for people from refugee backgrounds

17 Sep 2019

Dr Catherine Bishop: Business as Usual? Investigating Women and Enterprise in Australian History

5 Sep 2019

Professor Nicholas Smith: Two philosophical perspectives on the 4-day week

10 Jul 2019

Migration in India: Policy Challenges; New Book: India Moving: A History of Migration

12 June 2019

Advancing skilled employment of autistic people: State of the art and avenues for future research

4 June 2019

Time and space — the visual atlas of Australian co-operatives

28 May 2019

Corporate gender culture

15 May 2019

Social capital: strong ties for tough times

6 May 2019

Social networks and the labour market
Ethnic identity and immigrants’ labour market outcomes

16 Apr 2019

The macro factors affecting refugee adjustment

2 Apr 2019

Flying blind? Policy challenges and possible research directions for aircraft maintenance in Australia

28 Mar 2019

Exposing our members’ new ARC-funded projects and the value of cross-disciplinary research knowledge creation and exchange

15 Nov 2018

AIRAANZ symposium on the persistence of inequity at work

28 May 2018

Addressing the ostrich phenomenon: gender, cultural and age diversity and the future of workplace culture

Past News

30 Jan 2020

Congratulations to Catherine Bishop whose second book, Women Mean Business: Colonial Businesswomen in New Zealand (Otago University Press, 2019), has been long listed for the General Non-Fiction Award in the prestigious Ockham New Zealand Book Awards

22–24 Nov 2019

‘Sharing Knowledge in the Spirit of Humboldt’ Symposium at Macquarie University

17 Oct 2019

Dr Catherine Bishop's book, Colonial Businesswomen in New Zealand, is on the NZ Heritage Book Awards 2019 non-fiction short-list

15 Oct 2019

Dr Marcus Bowles presented at the Future Work Summit on ‘Future work: beyond fear to the realities’ (PDF, 3.99 MiB)

27 Sep 2019

Dr Catherine Bishop at Old Government House: ‘Dangerous Discussions in the Dining Room’

13 Sep 2019

Prof Lucy Taksa has been named one of the AFR’s 100 women of influence 2019 in the Diversity and Inclusion category

30 Jul 2019

Professor Lucy Taksa contributes to the St George Sutherland Shire Employment, Training and English Action Network (SSETEN) Business Breakfast

15 Jul 2019

Flexible work can cause even more pressure on working parents

12 Jul 2019


8 Jul 2019

Ports Australia Conference, Townsville 26–27 June 2019

28 Jun 2019

Securing a future in which meaningful jobs are available for all

26 Jun 2019

New research projects

21 Jun 2019

Latest research news

20 Jun 2019

Macquarie University Refugee Day Event

23 May 2019

Centre for Workforce Futures engages with Canon’s Future of Work investigation

19 May 2019

New publication by CWF members on humanitarian migrants in Australia

18 May 2019

Working from home is more productive, but bosses don't like it

6 May 2019

Farewell to Professor Bill Ford, our teacher, mentor and friend for many decades

1 May 2019

Port of Newcastle engagement survey

25 Mar 2019

CWF at Universidad del Desarrollo (Santiago)

15 Mar 2019

CWF study confirms wine tourism 'remarkable' for region
Ports and Shipping Policy in Australia: A Wicked Problem

8 Mar 2019

CWF at the International Women's Day Great Debate

19 Feb 2019

Building a Rail Engineering Learning Pathway

10 Jan 2019

You have a better chance of being a CEO in Australia if you were born in USA, UK or Canada

3 Dec 2018

Australian Research Council (ARC) Grant Success
Collaboration Agreement with Australian Maritime College

30 Nov 2018

A living database of new approaches to industrial relations

15 Nov 2018

AIRAANZ symposium on the persistence of inequity at work

7 Nov 2018

Research Collaboration Agreement signed with Port of Newcastle

3 Nov 2018

Research Collaboration Agreement signed with the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) to explore an online skills verification system

17 Oct 2018

Centre Member Professor Nick Parr comments on Federal Government’s regional push for migrants

1 Oct 2018

Social issues: how to tackle discrimination

17 Sep 2018

Future of work is about humans, not robots

Presentations and External Events

18 Oct 2019

CEDA Public Event ‘Rethinking Age in the Workplace’

Professor Lucy Taksa gave an invited Address and participated in the panel discussion with Centre Industry Advisory Committee Member, Ms Yasmin King (CEO SkillsIQ) at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) Public Event ‘Rethinking Age in the Workplace’ at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney.

15 May 2019

CWF Seminar presented by Professor Daniel Aldrich (Northeastern University, USA)

The Centre was extremely pleased to co-operate with Associate Member, Josie Gibson (Director, The Catalyst Network) in welcoming Professor Daniel Aldrich (Director of the Security and Resilience Studies program, Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at Northeastern University and Associate of the CWF) whose visit to Australia was sponsored by the RMIT School of Property, Construction and Project Management.

Professor Aldrich presented an outstanding seminar entitled: ‘Social capital: Strong ties for tough times’, providing in-depth insights into the role of different forms of social capital at times of environmental crisis in the USA and Japan.

11 Apr 2019

SSI Allianz Refugee Scholarships

The Settlement Services International (SSI) Allianz scholarships directly support people from refugee backgrounds in NSW to achieve independence. The scholarships have been created to minimise the financial barriers experienced by refugees as they participate in the NSW education system, and  awarded to successful recipients at Allianz Headquarters in Sydney for a number of years. In 2019, the event was held on Thursday, 11 April with a wonderful turn out from the students, many of their teachers and SSI Board Members including Professor Lucy Taksa.

26 Mar 2019

Macquarie Global Alumni Impact Series: ‘Striking the balance: Digital and human experience’

Hosted by Professor David Wilkinson — Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement), Macquarie University, the panel, consisting of Dr Tony Golsby-Smith, Founder and Executive Chairman, 2nd Road (Part of Accenture Strategy), Professor Martina Möllering, Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University and Professor Lucy Taksa, Director, Centre for Workforce Futures, Macquarie University, discussed the social and professional impact of digitisation on human connection, productivity and culture.

See below for photos and video of the event.

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25 Mar 2019

CWF at Universidad del Desarrollo (Santiago)

Centre for Workforce Futures Co-Director, Professor Lucy Taksa recently gave an invited presentation at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) in Santiago on the Centre’s projects and ‘Workforce diversity, representation and progression in Australia: issues and gaps, trends and conundrums’.

4 Oct 2018

CEDA leadership in diversity and inclusion series: ‘Legacies that inspire equality’

Held at the Shangrila Hotel. CEDA Trustee, Professor Lucy Taksa presented an Introductory Address and chaired the panel discussion with:

  • Elizabeth Broderick (ex Sex Discrimination Commissioner and now UN Rapporteur);
  • Kevin McCann AM, a Founding Member of the Male Champions of Change and chair of many Boards;
  • Professor Mary Foley AM, Managing Director with Telstra Health and President, of YWCA NSW;
  • Sonja Stewart, Deputy Secretary – Social Policy, in the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC).

21 Sep 2018

‘Sharpening the vision of the present? Reflections on approaches to history and historical perspective in the study of management and organisations’

Professor Taksa presented at Paris-Dauphine University on the importance of historical perspective in management and organisation studies.

28 Jun 2018

Macquarie Global Alumni Impact Series Canberra: Leadership: Workplaces for the Future

On Thursday 28 June 2018, the Macquarie University Global Alumni Impact Series featured a special event focused on Leadership: Workplaces for the Future.

Held at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, this lively event, chaired by David Masters, Corporate Affairs Director, Microsoft and Macquarie alumnus, consisted of presentations from Professor Lucy Taksa, Faculty of Business and Economics; Paul Dennett, Executive Director of Advancement, Macquarie University; and Kylie Watson, Partner, Deloitte Risk Advisory (Data Analytics) and Macquarie alumna.

Presenters focused on issues for Workplaces for the Future.

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21 Oct 2019

  • Dr Yvette Blount was featured on ABC Mid North Coast, NSW Statewide Drive regarding remote working

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  • Emeritus Professor Ray Markey was featured on ABC News Tonight regarding portable long service leave

16 Jul 2019

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10 Jul 2019

  • Emeritus Professor Ray Markey from the Centre for Workforce Futures was interviewed on 2GB Breakfast about alternatives to long service leave in a changing workforce

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  • Professor Lucy Taksa was interviewed on ABC Radio Sydney Drive about growing pressures on workers and job insecurity

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  • Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley was featured in the New York Times and WA Today regarding the Atlassian founders buying the houses previously owned by the Fairfax family

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28 Sep 2018

  • Professor Fei Guo was interviewed by SBS Mandarin in relation to encouraging international students to study in regional centres

27 Sep 2018

17 Sep 2018

2 Sep 2018

  • Professor Lucy Taksa, Interview with Ian Newton on shifting from unconscious bias to higher standards of behaviour, Morning Juice Program, RadioAdelaide101.5FM

30 Aug 2018

5 Aug 2018

  • Associate Professor Louise Thornthwaite was interviewed on Hugh Rimington’s Roundtable, ABC Radio National


25 Nov 2017

  • Lucy Taksa Interview with Sean Nicholls, GREAT STRIKE: Fight to right old ‘injustice’, Sydney Morning Herald, 25 November, 2017, p. 20

18 Sep 2017

2 Aug 2017

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