Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us

We collaborate with industry and government to ensure our research is relevant and in tune with modern needs whilst offering optimal value to our partners.

Research engagements are a key priority for us to remain at the cutting edge of workforce futures.

As such, we ensure our researchers are well funded and supported, and that they have the flexibility to be truly innovative in their approach.

Undertaking research with the Centre for Workforce Futures means:

  • Subject matter specialists: Our researchers are senior academics, recognised as specialists in their respective fields, who possess in-depth industry knowledge and deliver unbiased and qualitative insights.
  • Relevant analysis and forecasts: Our university research reports are not just comprehensive, they’re usable in the real world. They go beyond mere statistics to include expert analysis and reliable forecasts.
  • Ongoing advice: Organisations are supported with ongoing research, analysis and advice. Industry developments are tracked, providing information regarding trends and quantifying insights.
  • Independent results people respect: People are becoming more and more wary of so-called ‘research’ performed by commercial organisations. The School can provide industry research that is not only unbiased, but also backed by the reputation of a major university.
  • Cost-effective expertise: With the research centre's wealth of knowledge and industry expertise, we can provide cost-effective industry respected research, advice and information to meet business needs.
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