Our people

Our people

The Centre for Workforce Futures represents one of the Asia Pacific's leading concentrations of expertise in the fields of: human resource management, employment relations, labour economics, demography, labour law and management strategy.

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Professor Daryll Hull

Acting Director, Centre for Workforce Futures (CWF)

Professor, Daryll Hull,

Director, not-for-profit Transport & Logistics Centre

Areas of Expertise:

  • Workplace productivity
  • Workplace leadership
  • Employee engagement
  • Collaboration strategies
  • Industrial relations

Candice Langdon

Candice Word
Centre Administrator, Centre for Workforce Futures (CWF)

Candice recently joined the Centre and has over six years’ experience in the Faculty of Business and Economics previously working in multi-disciplinary Departments within the University. Candice's knowledge and experience extends across Tertiary Education, FMCG and Law.

Professor Raymond Markey

Professor, Raymond Markey,
Immediate Past Director, Centre for Workforce Futures (CWF)

Areas of Expertise:

  • International comparative employment relations systems
  • Employee voice and participation
  • Occupational health and safety and employee well-being
  • Work/life and work/family balance
  • Australian and international comparative labour history

Professor Lucy Taksa

Professor, Lucy Taksa,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Leadership and Management in Higher Education
  • Research Centre Management
  • Organisational Review, Quality Audit, Policy Formulation and Strategic Planning  in Higher Education and Government
  • Organisational change and restructuring
  • Leadership in Teaching and Learning
  • Selection, Recruitment and Promotion in Higher Education, the Public and       Not-for-Profit Sectors
  • Assessment of discrimination/ harassment/professional misconduct claims
  • Management and interpretation of cultural and material heritage assets: policy/strategy   formulation and implementation
  • Diversity Management research, policy and strategy assessment

Dr Ekaterina Todarello

Professor, Daryll Hull,

Centre for Workforce Futures Associate

Areas of Expertise:

  • Workplace Spirituality 
  • Ethics and Leadership
  • Management and Organization Studies
  • Transformative Learning in Higher Education
  • Identities in a Global World
  • Philosophical Approaches to Organization Studies and Research

Doctor Candy (Ying) Lu

Doctor, Candy (Ying) Lu,

Areas of Expertise:

  • International management
  • Human resource management in emerging markets
  • Integration of immigrant professionals in workplace
  • Occupational health and safety (OHS) in mining industry

Dr. Alison Barnes

Dr., Alison Barnes,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Decline in traditional misbehaviour like strikes, more individual responses like taking time off etc
  • How employees are affected by office space. Open plan, visual surveillance
  • Developing trends around future of work-what work will look like in the future

Dr. Yvette Blount

Dr., Yvette Blount,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Research Coordinator for the Australian Anywhere Working Research Network
  • Telework and the implications for service quality
  • Information systems and the implications for employee management
  • Technology in education

Dr. Meena Chavan

Dr., Meena Chavan,

Areas of Expertise:

  • International Business Strategy and Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Change Management
  • Diversity Management
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Operations Management
  • Quality Management

Associate Professor Fei Guo

Associate Professor, Fei Guo,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Demographic change and migration
  • Skilled and student migration and labour market
  • Social stratification of migrant communities
  • Demography of contemporary China
  • Fertility behaviour of migrants
  • Population and housing markets
  • Internationalisation of highly skilled professionals

Dr. Christopher Heaton

Dr, Christopher Heaton,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Econometrics
  • Unemployment and the relationship between education and labour market outcomes
  • Education, immigration and labour markets

Associate Professor Denise Jepsen

Associate Professor, Denise Jepsen,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Organisational psychology, organisational behaviour, employee attitudes, leadership and workplace relationships
  • Health and allied health sector workforce and employee attitudes
  • Careers and employment transitions
  • Organisational citizenship behaviour, organisational justice, psychological contracts
  • Recruitment, selection and onboarding practices
  • Employee attitudes towards governance

Dr. Timothy Kyng

Dr., Timothy Kyng,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Financial decision making
  • Valuation of complex financial contracts
  • Finance education
  • Executive share option valuation
  • Application of mathematics and statistics to finance
  • Insurance and actuarial science

Associate Professor Nick Parr

Associate Professor, Nick Parr,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Demography and the workforce
  • Fertility and family formation
  • Migrants in Australia
  • Statistical demography
  • Family policies
  • Demographic projections

Current Lecturing & Tutoring

  • Population and Workforce Planning
  • Workforce Demography and Planning

Associate Professor Louise Thornthwaite

Associate Professor, Louise Thornthwaite,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Human resource management
  • Industrial relations
  • Employment law
  • Discrimination law
  • Public Sector Management
  • Labour and industrial law
  • Diversity and equality policy
  • Management policy on IR and HRM
  • The ageing workforce
  • Social media and work
  • Training and development

Professor Leigh Wood

Professor, Leigh Wood,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Higher education policy and practice
  • Transition to professional work; work integrated learning
  • Assessment of student learning and graduate outcomes
  • Professional development in higher education
  • What happens when students leave university? How do they transition to employment?
  • Graduate capabilities
  • The Power of the International Students: International students as a an opportunity for global learning
  • Effective teaching, effective learning in the quantitative disciplines

Doctor Salut Muhidin

Doctor, Salut Muhidin,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Demographics
  • Labour market forecasting
  • Ageing population and pension
  • Health inequality and closing the gap
  • Migration and skilled labour
  • Regional economic development
  • Education and human development


Professor Scott Koslow

Professor, Scott Koslow,

Areas of Expertise:

  • Advertising, especially creativity, integration, strategy and effectiveness
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing research methods
  • Cross cultural issues/international marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand management

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