Our people

Our people

The Centre for Workforce Futures represents one of the Asia Pacific’s leading concentrations of expertise from the disciplines of Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Demography, Economics, Employment Relations, Human Resource Management, International Business, Labour Law, Linguistics, Management, Marketing, Media and Cultural Studies, Medical Informatics, Organisation Studies, Operations Management, Philosophy and Sociology. It also engages with research on age and ageing, gender, health and migration.

The Centre’s multi-disciplinary community and its members are in an excellent position to undertake cross-disciplinary problem-focused research and thought leadership that addresses current and future economic and social challenges relating to work, working people, work organisation and employment.

Core Members

The Centre’s Core Members include Macquarie University staff from different Departments in the Australian School of Business and the Faculties of Arts and Human Sciences who participate in the Centre’s 4 Research Pillars and who collaborate with each other and with other broader Centre Members and Associate Members, as outlined below.

Broader Membership

In support of its operation as a collaborative cross-disciplinary hub, the Centre encompasses:


  • Professor Daryll Hull
  • Professor Lucy Taksa
  • Dr Catherine Bishop
  • Dr Nour Dados
  • Lynne Cousins
  • Jason Antony
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