Passionate engineers making a difference

As a relatively new School of Engineering we strive to attract the brightest and best students and staff through incorporating real world project-based learning that simultaneously engages and produces graduates that are work ready.

We’re helping to create the world of the future not just in physical form, but in other ways. We recognise that diverse engineering teams make stronger organisations, so we’re seeking out and recruiting talented women in engineering, both as staff and students.

We continue to push our growth agenda and our focus on attracting female students and colleagues to develop not only the female engineers of tomorrow but also female academic leadership. We currently have an academic community that is 25% female.


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@MQEngineering - 07 October 2020

RT @DrMichellePower : The first event of the NSW chapter of Queers in Science is just around the corner! join us for a night of science ban...

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