Engineering the Future

Our students, researchers and industry partners are developing innovative solutions to the technological, commercial, environmental and social challenges of our times.

The School of Engineering was established more than a decade ago to focus on research and education in the area of electronics. Since then, our focus has expanded to other fields of engineering, including telecommunications, electrical and electronic, mechatronics, materials and mechanical, and biomedical engineering.

We are actively growing our capabilities in biomedical sensing and imaging, sustainable energy systems, future wireless networks and optical and photonics.


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@MQEngineering - 24 February 2021

RT @ewbmq : Meet the execs and learn more about EWB by joining us today from 57pm at the Macquarie University Student Group Showcase hosted...

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@MQEngineering - 22 February 2021

RT @bencichy : Got a 2.4 GPA my first semester in college. Thought maybe I wasnt cut out for engineering. Today Ive landed two spacecraft...

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