Our research

Our research

The Centre for Workforce Futures brings an innovative multidisciplinary and problem-focused approach to research relating to the workforce and workplace, with application to public policy, industry and the community.

The Centre's core members come from all Departments in the Faculty of Business and Economics, as well as numerous other Departments and Faculties at Macquarie University.

This assembly of scholars, together with the Centre's Associate Members from other universities and external organisations and its professional Honorary Members, have expertise in the disciplines of Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Demography, Economics, Employment Relations, History, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, International Business, Labour Law, Linguistics, Management, Marketing, Media and Cultural Studies, Medical Informatics, Organisation Studies, Operations Management, Philosophy and Sociology.

We adopt a holistic research paradigm for investigating work, workforce and workplace that encompasses paid and unpaid work, caring and co-operative work across a range of critical areas, including: Diversity issues and management relating to age, ancestry, culture, dis/ability, gender and sexuality; globalisation; immigration; industrialisation and deindustrialisation; new technologies; secure and insecure (precarious) employment; shared value creation; skilling and learning; the environment; the gig economy; wages and profits.

The Centre and its members partner with individuals, companies, governments and not-for-profits as a trusted and proven collaborator in all matters related to advancement of ideas, policies and processes that can enhance decent work, productivity, well-being, sustainable business outcomes and community benefits.

The Centre for Workforce Futures aims to be the institution of choice for research into all matters of Decent Work in Australia.

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