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If only I could get a good night’s sleep: The latest findings for insomnia - Sleep Talks Series

Thursday 25 July

12pm - 1pm

Join Associate Professor Christopher Gordon, an expert in insomnia and chronobiology research, as he delves into the pathophysiology of insomnia and the latest findings on how the brain is disrupted during sleep.

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Australian Abstraction in Context
20 June - 2 August

This exhibition reflects upon the legacies of this international art movement with its varietal imports, indices and counterparts. These expressions cast a different spin on the current generation of Australian artists adhering to abstraction.

From the First Fleet to the Harbour Bridge: Sydney's Astronomical Beginnings - Discover Lecture Series
Wednesday 24 July

Professor Richard de Grijs will take us on the trail of William Dawes, astronomer, engineer, surveyor and ordnance officer, from his arrival in 1788 up to his connection with the 1932 construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Macquarie University Incubator Demo Day 2024
Thursday 25 July

Want to get to know the startup members at the Incubator, or learn more about what we do? Demo Day is the event for you! Engage with the innovation ecosystem at MQ in a relaxed environment, and walk away learning something you didn't know before!

The 2024 June Wangmann Memorial Lecture: Engaging with stakeholders in locally relevant ECEC program initiatives
Thursday 25 July

The past year has witnessed an explosion of national inquiries and reviews that the ECEC community has responded to and influenced. Reflecting on these expectations, the this lecture topic will shift the focus from national to community priorities. 

The Women Leadership in Accounting and Finance Forum
1 August

This event offers a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders, gain insights from high achiever women leaders, and discover actionable strategies for success. Two dynamic panel discussions will showcase prominent leaders in the field. 

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