Redefining the boundaries of computer science

Be inspired by the creativity and depth of innovation within our School. We are continually making our mark on the industry as our teachers, researchers and graduating students deliver excellence across many IT fields.

Offering exceptional facilities at our own campus in "Sydney’s Silicon Valley", our advanced resources allow students to excel on a cross-disciplinary basis.

With our practical, innovative and entrepreneurship focused subjects, you will be able to pursue your interests and set yourself apart as a graduate. The majority of our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS).


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@Macquarie_Uni - 04 July 2022

Mishearing or misunderstanding a word, whether in a song or everyday speech can change a language, says Emeritus Pr...

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@Macquarie_Uni - 04 July 2022

Let's talk about famous mondegreens Which Beatles song lyrics are misheard as the unfortunate line "the girl with colitis goes by"?...

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