Macquarie is accessible by a range of transport modes

SDG9SDG11Wherever possible we encourage the use of sustainable transport options such as public transport, cycling and walking. If you do need to drive, we recommend carpooling or mixing travel modes.

Under the requirements of the University's Concept Plan, biennial travel surveys are carried out — with the most recent survey in 2020.

While we acknowledge that hygiene concerns around COVID-19 have changed commuting patterns, we are pleased to have exceeded our non-car mode target of 40%, with only 37% of respondents indicating that they drive alone to the Macquarie University Wallumattagal Campus.


We are fortunate to have our own Macquarie University metro station right at our doorstep, on the corner of Herring Road and University Avenue.


Macquarie is well serviced by buses, connecting our campus to the rest of Sydney. Stops are located within the grounds along University Avenue, with more services stopping along the borders of the campus, especially at the Macquarie Centre bus interchange.


Plan trips in real time using the Transport for NSW online trip planner, or download any of these trip-planning apps.


You can pay for public transport through the Opal card system or by tapping your own credit or debit card (American Express, Mastercard or Visa).

Concession Opal cards are available for full-time domestic students; check your eligibility and apply here.

Part-time domestic students and most international students are not eligible for the Concession Opal card, and can purchase Adult Opal cards from retailers across Sydney, including the Macquarie University Metro Station. Using contactless payments also attracts the adult fare.

Campus shuttle bus

The University offers a complimentary afternoon-evening shuttle bus service around campus during semester. The shuttle:

  • operates every half hour between 4.00pm and 12.30am
  • services student accommodation
  • allows you to hop on or off wherever you choose.

View the route map

View the shuttle timetable

Waterloo Road shuttle bus - Monday to Friday

There is a different shuttle bus service that takes staff and students to our nearby 44—50 Waterloo Road spaces. Visitors can catch this shuttle to or from campus when visiting Macquarie University facilities located in our Waterloo Road premises. This service operates Monday to Friday only.  See the timetable below.

Waterloo Road

1/3 Management Drive

Waterloo Road

1/3 Management Drive















































If you live close to Macquarie University, cycling (or walking) is an easy and cost-effective way to get here. Plan your route.

Where can I park my bike?

Bike parking, showers and changing facilities are available on campus. You can find them on the bike parking map here.

Be sure to park your bike in designated bicycle racks provided campus. Bicycles attached to trees, handrails, signposts or fixtures can and may be removed by the University.

Note that campus bike racks are not for storage. Any bike left unattended for four weeks or longer will be considered abandoned. Abandoned bikes will be removed, and owners have two weeks to reclaim them from Security.

Where can I fix my bike?

There are two bike repair stations on campus with a variety of different tools available to fix your bike. The bike repair stations are located adjacent to the BikeHubs - Eastern Road (behind 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Ave) and 12 Second Way. You can find them on the bike parking map here.

BikeHubs are an end-of-trip facility designed to make it easy for staff and students to cycle to university. Each BikeHub includes secure undercover parking, lockers and showers. Access is via your Campus Card and monitored by Security.

There are three BikeHubs on campus:

  • Eastern BikeHub in Eastern Road (behind 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Ave)
  • Central BikeHub at 12 Second Way
  • Northern BikeHub in basement of 17 Gymnasium Road (you will need to specify whether you require access to gender neutral, women's or men's shower/changeroom)

See Bike Parking Facilities map for locations.

Access for bike parking and lockers is available for a 12 month period (1 February – 31 January). Existing users must renew access annually.

How do I apply or renew access?

Applying for and renewing access is a simple 3-step process.

Step 1: Check availability

Check the current status of your preferred hub and locker (if required) as indicated below. If required access is not available, email and ask to be placed on the waiting list.

Eastern Hub

bike parking available

lockers available

Central Hub

bike parking available

lockers available

Northern BikeHub

bike parking available

lockers available

Step 2: Decide if you want a locker

Annual locker hire is $25 for period 1 February to 31 January (or part thereof). Pay the locker hire fee online, as you will need your receipt number to complete your application.

Note, if you are renewing your access, submit your application before 31 January to ensure we can provide the same locker.

Step 3: Fill in the online application form

Complete the online application form (note that you will need to log in using your MQ ID).

The Northern BikeHub has gender specific showers and changing rooms. Please be sure to tick your preference on the application form.

Things to remember when using the BikeHubs
  • Use of security measures such as bike locks is strongly recommended.
  • Use is on a "first-come, first-served" basis and you are not guaranteed a parking space.
  • Do not claim or attempt to claim any bicycle storage rack for your sole use.
  • To keep the facility secure, do not assist or permit other persons to gain unauthorised access to the BikeHub.
  • The BikeHub is not a storage facility. Any bike left unattended for four weeks or longer will be considered abandoned. Abandoned bikes will be removed and owners will have two weeks to reclaim them.
  • Any locks, chains, padlocks, etc, are not to be left attached to the BikeHub without a bicycle attached.
Now you can charge your electric vehicle right here on Campus.

In a research collaboration between Snowy Hydro, Red Energy and Macquarie University, there are:

  • 6 EV charging stations located in the West 3 Carpark (near the Incubator) and
  • 4 EV charging stations located in the East 4 Carpark (near 4 Wally's Walk)

A charge of 15c per kWh applies from 8am to 5pm. Parking charges of $8.40 per hour apply once a vehicle is fully charged. Charges are automated via the Chargefox app. The charging stations are free to charge and park outside the hours 8am to 5pm.

Carpool to Uni and get priority parking

Not only that, its a great way to share costs and interact with colleagues, all whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

>> To apply, all you need to do is follow this link