Our projects

Our projects

The Centre for Workforce Futures brings an innovative multidisciplinary and problem-focused approach to research relating to the workforce and workplace, with application to public policy, industry and the community. The Centre has assembled one of the largest concentrations of expertise in the Asia Pacific region across its core disciplines of Human Resource Management, Employment Relations, Labour Economics, Demography and Labour Law. It also draws substantially from the Marketing discipline in areas such as employer branding.

We've adopted a holistic research paradigm, considering the entire life-course of the individual, incorporating both paid and unpaid work (including education and child rearing), how individuals transition back and forth between the two, why they do, and how it impacts their lives, their workplace, the workforce and society.

Current projects

Project Name Staff Members
A National Portable Long Service Leave Scheme
  • Professor Ray Markey
  • Ms Shauna Ferris
  • Dr Tim Kyng
  • Dr Catriona Lavermicocca
  • Dr Salut Muhidin
  • Dr Sharron O'Neill
  • Associate Professor Nick Parr
  • Dr Louise Thornthwaite
  • Dr Chris Wright (USyd)
Superannuation Regulation and Fund Performance
  • Professor Ray Markey
  • Dr Louise Thornthwaite
  • Associate Professor Sue Wright
  • Ms Shauna Ferris
  • Dr Mike Rafferty (USyd)
Organising Works 20th Anniversary
Impact of NSW Workers Compensation Legislation 2012
Australia Anywhere Working (Telework) Research Network
Workforce Futures and Climate Change Project

Effectiveness of procurement regulation

  • Dr Chris F. Wright

Supply Chains and Aviation Safety

Population Challenges for the Local Court of New South Wales

Employee Voice in Australia

  • Professor Paul Gollan

  • Professor Adrian Wilkinson

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