Centre for Workforce Futures

Centre for Workforce Futures

Centre for Workforce Futures

The Centre for Workforce Futures represents one of the Asia Pacific's leading concentrations of expertise in the fields of diversity management, employment and industrial relations, demography, labour economics, labour law and management strategy and new forms of work organisation.

Our vision

Decent WorkWhat happens in our local workplaces is linked to national and global trends. Our society and our economy depend on getting the balance right between people, profits and public good. We are here to help them understand the complexity of their challenges as the world around us changes to new ways of thinking and new ways of working.

Our mission is the pursuit of decent work for all.  
Our vision is to make a difference through research and advice to those who can influence, create and sustain decent work for all.

Today's employers, employees, workplace regulators and legislators face very complex workforce challenges. To achieve the best outcomes for individuals, organisations and the economy they need to understand and address a variety of critical issues affecting employee engagement and productivity.

These issues include:

  • Intergenerational Change
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Workers' health
  • Automation and digital disruption
  • Workers Capital/Superannuation
  • Incomes policy and social goals
  • Climate Change and work
  • Supply Chains and globalisation
  • Profits and Shared Value Creation
  • New Forms of Work Organisation
  • Regulation and the workplace
  • Workforce Planning in a changing world
  • Employment and participation in work
  • Industrial and Employment Relations

The Centre for Workforce Futures is guided by the values underpinning the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015.

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