Social network interventions for consumer health

Social network interventions for consumer health

Centre for health informatics

Research Stream: Consumer Informatics

Social media network

Project members

Dr Annie Lau - Senior Research Fellow

Former Project members

Dr Liliana Laranjo - Honorary Research Fellow

Ms Paige Newman - Research Officer

Project main description

Social processes underpin everything from our lifestyle choices, our health decisions, to the way healthcare is conceived and delivered.  Social media - information tools that both exploit and celebrate our social nature - are beginning to be used across healthcare. However, could social media have an even stronger role?  Could they enable us to treat socially-shaped diseases such as obesity, depression, diabetes, and heart disease?

In this research, we seek to understand how patients and consumers use social media for health purposes (i.e. e-health sociology), and examine ways we can design “social network intervention” to change the network around us to achieve better health outcomes.


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Project sponsors

NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in eHealth, Macquarie University

Collaborative partners

University of Melbourne
University of NSW

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