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News and events



  • Dr Cat Chatfield

    Dr Cat Chatfield...

    6th Sep 2018 12:00pm

    From the drawing board to the ward: how do you get clinicians to change their minds? Please register for this free event held
  • Dr Tony Badrick

    Dr Tony Badrick...

    13th Sep 2018 12:00pm

    The role of Pathology: External Quality Assurance in improving patient safety.  Please register for this free event
  • Professor Les White

    Professor Les White...

    16th Oct 2018 12:00pm

    The rights of children in healthcare.  Please register for this free event held at Macquarie University, Seminar Ro
  • A/Prof Yvonne Zurynski

    A/Prof Yvonne Zurynski...

    13th Nov 2018 12:00pm

    How implementation science helped to improve care for children with complex and chronic conditions. Please register for this
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