Consumer informatics

Consumer informatics

Focusing on those with the highest stake in our healthcare system, our research program investigates the ‘impact’, ‘design’, and ‘science’ of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on consumers, patients and their carers.

Our research program is unique nationally and internationally. It addresses three primary research aims:

  1. Impact of Consumer eHealth: How does ICT affect our health decisions, behaviours, and outcomes?
  2. Design of Consumer eHealth: How can we design ICT that would improve our engagement with health services?
  3. Science of Consumer eHealth: What is the theoretical understanding that underpins the way we use and design ICT for consumers, patients and carers?

For more information or to join our team

Contact Dr Annie Lau,

Team members

Dr Annie LauStream Leader, Senior Research Fellow
Dr Kathleen YinResearch Fellow
Mr Joshua  JungResearch Assistant

Selected stream projects

Personal Health Management System (
Mobile app for self-management and consumer engagement
Social Network Interventions for Consumer Health Consumer Decision Support System

Research centre

Centre for Health Informatics

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