Consumer decision support system

Consumer decision support system

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Dr Annie Lau
Senior Research Fellow
T: +61 (2) 9850 2436

Project main description

Decision support systems (DSS) are designed to help people make informed choices about their health.  However, there are multiple factors that influence the way people make decisions, such as personal biases and external influences. We have conducted the first study that investigates the impact of cognitive biases on online information searching and decision making.

Set in the context of consumer decision-making, we found that:

  1. People may experience cognitive biases (such as anchoring and order effects) while searching for online information
  2. Biases experienced online may influence their decision outcomes, and that
  3. Attempts to “debias” information searching can influence consumer decisions and their confidence in those decisions

In addition, we found that feedback from peers can significantly influence consumer decisions. In particular, consumers who are not confident are more likely to change their views when provided with feedback from other consumers.


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Project sponsors

Australian Research Council SPIRT grant, APAI scholarship, Australian Research Council Discovery Grant

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