PhD Candidates

Applications are invited from exceptional students wishing to undertake a Doctor of Philosophy degree in the Piggott Group. Prospective PhD candidates should first visit the Higher Degree Research (HDR) website to familiarise themselves with admission, visa and English language requirements, fees, scholarships, rules and policies associated with the PhD program at Macquarie University. The CBMS website also has useful information regarding PhD programs in the Department.

Prospective candidates meeting all entry requirements are invited to email Andrew Piggott to discuss their applications and possible research projects in the Group.

Domestic scholarships:

  • Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA)
  • Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarships (MQRES)
  • Other scholarships (HDR website)

International scholarships:

  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)
  • International Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarships (iMQRES)
  • Endeavour Scholarships (AEI)
  • Other scholarships (HDR website)

BPhil/MRes Candidates

Macquarie University is the first university in Australia to introduce the international-standard two-year research training pathway program leading to Master of Research. For domestic students, this program attracts Australian Government funding, packaged as a Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research (BPhil/MRes). International students will be enrolled in the Master of Research (MRes) program throughout the two years. In both cases, students who successfully complete the program will be awarded the Master of Research degree. For more information about the BPhil/MRes program, please visit the HDR and CBMS websites.

Prospective MRes candidates are invited to email Andrew Piggott to discuss possible research projects in the Group.

Occupational Trainees

Applications are welcome from students enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate programs at an approved tertiary institution who are interested in developing and enhancing their skills through a research placement in the Piggott Group of up to 6 months.

All occupational trainee applicants must be eligible for the appropriate Australian visa, have demonstrated English language proficiency (IELTS or equivalent) and be responsible for all travel, accommodation and living expenses for the duration of their visit.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral positions in the Piggott Group are limited by the availability of funds to cover salaries and research expenses. Applicants who are interested in applying for their own research fellowships are invited to email Andrew Piggott to discuss possible projects.

Domestic research fellowships:

  • Macquarie University Research Fellowships (MQRF)
  • Macquarie University Vice Chancellor's Innovation Fellowships (MQVCIF)
  • Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher (DECRA)
  • National Health and Medical Research Council Early Career Fellowships (NHMRC ECF)
  • Other funding bodies (MQ RO)
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