Our projects

Our projects

Translating applied research into actionable outcomes​

We undertake research funded by competitive academic grants, and research funded by government and non-government organisations. Our purpose is to inform public debate, assist decision-making, and help formulate strategy and policy. Our research focus areas include:

  • Integrated care
  • Mental health care
  • Health technology
  • Aged care
  • Disability care

We are also concentrating our research efforts across system wide functions, such as competition, workforce, funding models, and performance frameworks within health and human services sectors.

Current and recent projects

Our team of researchers bring diverse health economic industry experience to any project undertaken.  Please see below some of our current and recent projects. ​​While MUCHE is relatively new, we have either already undertaken, or in the process of completing, a number of projects for government and non-government organisations.

Government projects

Project title Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC)
OrganisationFederal Department of Health
Description MUCHE was selected to evaluate PBAC submissions made by pharmaceutical companies on behalf of the Commonwealth Government. This involves critiquing at least 6 economic evaluations of drugs and vaccines each year, and making recommendations to PBAC on whether the economic evaluation results stand up to scrutiny.
Project titleEconomic evaluation of Outcomes Based Care for Vulnerable Older People
Organisation Central Coast Local Health District
Description MUCHE was selected to undertake an evaluation of an outcomes based care integrated program for vulnerable older people with chronic diseases aimed at reducing hospital readmission.  This involves developing the methodology for the process and economic evaluation of the program and meeting with the relevant stakeholders to determine the factors that influence those commissioning and providing integrated care services that improve health outcomes for elderly patients.
Project titleAn economic framework to evaluate the implementation of Sound Scouts
OrganisationNSW Health
DescriptionMUCHE was selected to evaluate the implementation of a game developed to test hearing loss in children prior to entering school.  The project includes data capture, survey design, data analysis, modelling and sensitivity analysis.
Project titlePrivate purchasing for NSW Health: Analysis of Hospital in the Home (HITH) purchasing options
OrganisationNSW Ministry of Health
DescriptionMUCHE was selected to evaluate and make recommendations on the potential to expose NSW HITH services to commissioning and contestability. This included wide consultation with LHD executives, government organisations and PHN executives, and framing responses within an established commissioning and contestability framework.
Note: This project was completed in collaboration with the Centre for International Economics.
Project titleAssessing choice for public hospital patients
OrganisationCommonwealth Bank of Australia and Macquarie University
DescriptionMUCHE has partnered with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to evaluate whether public patients would choose an alternative public hospital (compared to their local hospital) based on quality if they were given the choice. A choice modelling experiment was employed, providing an indication of the relative value of hospital quality metrics compared to GP and patient opinion and convenience.

Non-Government projects

Project titleIs reclassification of the Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP) from prescription to pharmacist-only cost-effective?
OrganisationAustralian Self Medication Industry
DescriptionMUCHE incorporated a case study on the reclassification of the oral contraceptive pill utilising the economic evaluation framework it developed for the Australian Self Medication Industry to demonstrate its use in practice.
Project titleCost-effectiveness of reclassifying triptans in Australia
OrganisationAustralian Self Medication Industry
DescriptionMUCHE incorporated a case study on the reclassification of  triptans utilising the economic evaluation framework it developed for the Australian Self Medication Industry to demonstrate its use in practice.
Project titleEconomic evaluation of LifeSpan, a suicide prevention program
Organisation Black Dog Institute
Description MUCHE was selected to undertake a multi year, multi-site economic evaluation of LifeSpan, a $15 million suicide prevention program being implemented in NSW by the Black Dog Institute. This includes developing the economic evaluation methodology, constructing data collection questionnaires, undertaking analysis of large linked government datasets and reporting.
Project titleCost effectiveness analysis of SoundScouts
Organisation CMee4 Productions and Ministry of Health
Description MUCHE was selected to evaluate SoundScouts, a game developed by the National Acoustics Laboratory and CMee4 productions to test hearing loss in children prior to entering school. This includes a program and process evaluation and developing detailed Marcov modelling to estimate the potential economic benefit from picking up and managing hearing loss in children from an early age.
Project titleAn economic framework to inform drug scheduling
Organisation Australian Self Medication Industry
Description MUCHE was selected to develop an economic evaluation framework that can be applied to decisions regarding the scheduling of drugs from prescription only (Schedule 4) to behind the counter pharmacy only (Schedule 3). The economic evaluation has been applied to two case studies, including the potential rescheduling of triptanes (a drug for migraines) and oral contraception.
Project titleConsumer behaviour fact book
OrganisationAustralian Self Medication Industry
DescriptionIn conjunction with the industry body for over-the-counter-medicines, MUCHE undertook a study to better understand consumers’ use and attitudes towards OTC medicines, vitamins, minerals & supplements, and the down scheduling of certain prescription medications.
Project titleThe value study
OrganistionAustralian Self Medication Industry
DescriptionMUCHE undertook a study to quantify the savings made to the Australian healthcare system from the use of over-the-counter-medicines (OTC).  The study surveyed 1,146 Australians over the age of 18 years regarding their attitudes towards OTC and prescribed medications within eight common categories and calculated the cost should respondents have to visit the doctor to obtain a script.
Project titleEconomic evaluation of Cochlear implants in people 65 years and older
DescriptionA systematic literature review on economic evaluations of cochlear implants in adults, and a detailed research protocol presenting a pathway to undertaking an economic evaluation of cochlear implants in Australians aged 65 years and over

Competitive grants

  • NHMRC - Improving Mental Health and Social Participation Outcomes in Older Adults with Depression and Anxiety
  • NHMRC - Efficacy and economic benefits of a psychosocial intervention to improve quality of life in an anxious and/or depressed older adult population
  • NHMRC - Centre for Research Excellence in Digital Health
  • NHMRC - Economic evaluation of e-health services for people who stutter
  • NHMRC - Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability

Expert panels

MUCHE is a member of a number of expert reference panels for government and NGOs:

  • Aged Care - Department of Social Services
  • Health Data Analytics - Department of Health
  • Ezetimibe - Department of Health
  • Health Economics - Department of Health
  • Health System Performance - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
  • Program Evaluation - Beyond Blue
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