Centre for the Health Economy

Centre for the Health Economy

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The following slideshow can be cycled through 4 displays. Depending on screen reader and browser combination, they may present one at a time or all at once. The screen reader may also present the number of the current slide and a button to play or pause the slideshow. Additionally, when the slideshow has keyboard focus, the left and right arrow keys can be used to navigate through the slides.

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    We provide organisations with independent research to formulate better strategy and policy, improve community debate and assist leaders in decisi...

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    Please go to our press room for all your information needs, including press releases, presentations and MUCHE coverage in the media....

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    The Centre is actively involved in a number of projects for government and non-government organisations across our key strategic areas....

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    "Long-term health care costs for patients with prostate cancer: A population-wide longitudinal study in New South Wales, Australia" (2016) Clinic

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    Suite 3, Level 1, EMC Building Innovation Road, Macquarie University Macquarie Park, NSW 2109 Phone: +612 9850 2999 Email: health.economy@mq.e...

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    If you're considering furthering your education by scholarship or perhaps applying for an ARC DECRA then this is the place you'll find all the in...

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