HOO 2012 Submission Procedure

HOO 2012 Submission Procedure


This page provides information on the submissions procedure for the HOO 2012 evaluations.

  1. The closing date for submissions is midnight Hawaii time on Friday 13th April 2012. This is UTC/GMT -10 hours. We reserve the right to ignore any submissions received after this time.
  2. Submissions should be sent by email to submissions@correcttext.org. Note that there are two ts in the middle of that domain name. Just in case, you should also cc Robert.Dale@mq.edu.au when you send in your submission. The email must be received by the closing date and time, so allow yourself at least a few minutes for transit delays.
  3. You may send in any number of updated submissions prior to the closing date. Evaluation of your team's results will be carried out using the most recent version we have received from you by the closing date.
  4. The subject line of your submissions email should contain your two-letter team ID. You should also include this ID in the text of your email.
  5. Your submission should be provided as a zip file attached to the email message.
  6. The format of submissions is explained in detail on the HOO File Naming Conventions and HOO 2012 Data pages, but here are the essential points:
    • The corrections you provide for the test data should be in the form of stand-off annotations, which we refer to as edit structures. It is essential that you format these correctly. Note that for each edit structure you need to provide all the required attributes: type, file, part, start and end. Edits that do not contain all these fields may be skipped in the evaluation, or counted as spurious edits. The index attribute is optional. Make sure that your calculation of start and end offsets is accurate: you can test this using the training data and evaluation tools.
    • You should provide one file of edit structures for each file in the test data. See the File Naming Conventions for how to name these files.
    • You may include in your submission up to 10 distinct runs, with the corresponding files named as as explained in the File Naming Conventions. Please provide each run in a separate directory named RunX where X is an integer from 0 to 9 indicating the run number; the output files in a given directory should use the same run number.
  7. All the runs you submit should be packaged up into a single zip file for submission.

We will endeavour to provide a human acknowledgement of receipt of your emailed submission as promptly as possible.

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