The Centre for Language Technology's key aim is to facilitate the integration of Speech and Language Technology into everyday applications. To achieve this, the Centre is active on several fronts.

We carry out research on Language Technology. We give particular emphasis to work that is focussed on practical applications in the short and medium term, but always with an eye to the longer term underlying research that is needed to push the field forward.

We have a comprehensive teaching program in Language Technology. Students enrolling in our courses learn the essential concepts and skills they need to design and develop applications that integrate aspects of language technology.

The Centre is also actively involved with industry through collaborative projects.

The Centre for Language Technology is part of Macquarie University's Faculty of Science.

Use the links at the left of the page to browse the four main areas of our site:

  • Information: Who we are and what we do. In this part of the site, you can:
  • Teaching: Information about our various channels for transferring knowledge about how to build language technology applications.
  • Research: Information about our research activities.
  • Events: Information about seminars and workshops in the field.

We hope you find our web site interesting and useful. If you have any comments, please mail us.

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