HOO: Helping Our Own

HOO: Helping Our Own

HOO—Helping Our Own—is an ongoing shared task concerned with the automated correction of errors in text. The initial HOO Pilot Round took place in 2011, hosted as part of the 2011 Generation Challenges. See the HOO 2011 web pages for details of what was involved in the Pilot Round and its outcomes.

The Pilot Round was concerned with a wide range of error types in texts authored by non-native speakers of English working in Natural Language Processing. For the HOO 2012 Shared Task, hosted by the Building Educational Applications Workshop at NAACL 2012, we are focussing on preposition and determiner errors in exam scripts authored by learners of English as a Second Language. See the HOO 2012 web pages for details of what's involved.

Subsequent HOO rounds will focus on error types identified to be of interest by the HOO Community. If you would like to take part in this ongoing exercise, please join the HOO Google Group.


The HOO Organisers

Robert Dale and Adam Kilgarriff

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