Centre for Language Technology

Centre for Language Technology

Past Projects

Research within the Centre for Language Technology is largely carried out within the context of projects. Past projects are listed here. For current projects see here.

Coral (coordinator: Robert Dale)

This project is concerned with connecting reasoning, action, and language:  our current focus is the development of information services, and in particular travel route provision, on mobile devices.  We are exploring how natural language can be used in conjunction with graphics to enhance and improve the effectiveness of next-generation route planning services.

KELP (coordinator: Robert Dale)

This project, collaborative with CSIRO, is concerned with Knowledge Extraction and Linguistic Presentation.  The goal of the project is the construction of a cutting-edge NLP application that serves to demonstrate a wide range of language technologies. The aim is to develop a system that carries out sophisticated extraction of information from online resources, and then combines and collates this information in novel ways, re-presenting it to users via both speech and text. The project involves the use of techniques in information extraction, natural language analysis, natural language generation, user modelling, and spoken language dialogue systems.

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