Operationalising the WHO International Classification of Patient Safety Framework

Operationalising the WHO International Classification of Patient Safety Framework

Operationalising the WHO International Classification of Patient Safety Framework

Project Members - Macquarie University

Rebecca Mitchell - Associate Professor  E: r.mitchell@mq.edu.au

Reidar Lystad - Research Fellow  E: reidar.lystad@mq.edu.au

Robyn Clay-Williams - Research Fellow  E: robyn.clay-williams@mq.edu.au

Peter Hibbert - Honorary Associate Professor  E: peter.hibbert@mq.edu.au

Cliff Hughes - Professor -  E: cliff.hughes@mq.edu.au

Diana Fajardo Pulido

Grace Norton

Project Main Description

It is estimated that around 16.6% of hospital admissions in Australia are associated an adverse clinical event.  Human factors classification tools can guide the identification of causal factors for healthcare-related deaths and assist in identifying areas for preventive efforts.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Conceptual Framework for the International Classification of Patient Safety (ICPS) was developed to work towards a common understanding of patient safety concepts and terminology. While the ICPS is an informational framework, it needs to be adapted and the concepts defined before it could be used as a human factors classification taxonomy. Coronial findings can provide a rich source of information on the causes and contributions to deaths that occurred in the healthcare system.

This study aims to operationalise and use the ICPS to identify incident characteristics and contributing factors of deaths involving complications of medical or surgical care in Australia.


The following report from this research have been published:

Mitchell R. Faris M. Operationalising the World Health Organization’s International Classification for Patient Safety Data Dictionary version 2. 2018, Australian Institute for Health Innovation, Macquarie University: Sydney

Project members - external

Mona Faris - Research Officer, PoCoG, School of Psychology, Faculty of Science, The University of Sydney


  • Dr Andrew Carson-Stevens, Division of Population Medicine, School of Medicine, Cardiff University
  • Associate Professor Melissa Baysari, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney

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