CareTrack Aged

CareTrack Aged

Landmark research into the level of appropriate care provided to people in Australia's residential aged care facilities.

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Project Members - Macquarie University

Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite - Professor and Director

Professor Andrew Georgiou - Professor

Professor Frances Rapport - Professor

Dr Gaston Arnolda - Research Fellow

Professor Johanna Westbrook - Professor and Director

Dr Louise Wiles - Visiting Fellow

Miss Pei Ting - Biostatistician

Mr Peter Hibbert - Program Manager and Associate Professor

Rebecca Mitchell Associate Professor

Project members - external

Professor Ian Cameron, University of Sydney

Professor Alison Kitson, University of Adelaide

Professor Richard Reed, Flinders University of South Australia

Professor Len Gray, University of Queensland

Project main description

With Australia’s population ageing rapidly, the number of people aged over 85 is projected to double in the next 25 years. Our current aged care system needs to keep up with future demands and be positioned to maintain quality care. Older people in residential aged care facilities are the sickest and frailest cohort of any age group and have the highest rates of disability.

CareTrack Aged will for the first time answer the question, what proportion of care encounters delivered to older Australians in residential aged care facilities (RACF) are appropriate i.e. in line with the evidence? The study will also measure quality of life for residents.

CareTrack Aged builds on the ground breaking research in AIHI’s earlier highly respected population-based appropriateness studies, CareTack Australia and CareTrack Kids.

Looking specifically at RACFs, CareTrack Aged will assess whether care provided in these centres is consistent with the evidence for best clinical practice. The research will focus on 15 conditions that are frequently managed in RACFs such as delirium, dementia, depression, pain management and medication management. The project will also assess the quality of life of residents in RACFs, encompassing concepts that relate to older peoples’ attachments such as love and friendship, security, enjoyment and control.

CareTrack Aged is a 4 year project funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council.


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Project sponsors

National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant

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Related stream of research

Patient Safety and Appropriateness of Care

Implementation Science

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Program Director: Peter Hibbert
Phone: 0414 253 461

Centres related to this project

Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research

Centre for Healthcare Resilience and Implementation Science

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