Patient safety informatics

Patient safety informatics

The use of information technology (IT) to support care delivery or digital health, is integral to the modern-day transformations of health systems to improve quality and safety. IT is also becoming a key enabler for encouraging patients to actively participate in care processes for diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

At the same time, digital technologies can introduce new, often unforeseen, modes of failure that affect the safety and quality of care and lead to patient harm and death. Unlike other risks to patient safety, IT can — because of its scale and scope — increase the risk of harm to many patients during the delivery of health care. With large and complex IT systems being rapidly deployed, the opportunity for patient harm can be significantly increased if safety of the IT systems themselves is not improved.

Our Patient Safety Informatics research program takes a cross-disciplinary approach to improve the safety of digital health in Australia by making theoretical, methodological and policy contributions which translate into changes to healthcare delivery and improved patient outcomes.

We are investigating the patient safety risks of current and future digital health technologies including artificial intelligence (AI). Our goal is to design sociotechnical solutions to mitigate these risks and to develop new methods for the timely detection of, and response to, emerging threats.

We welcome clinicians, information technologists, engineers and students who wish to pursue excellence in informatics and share our passion for improving the safety eHealth through good design and the appropriate application of technology.

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Jessica Chen, Intern

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Contact Associate Professor Farah Magrabi,, +61 2 9850 2429

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Farah Magrabi

Associate Professor

Ying Wang

Research Fellow

David Lyell

Research Associate

Saba Akbar

Research Assistant

Jessica Chen

Research Assistant

Mei-Sing Ong

Honorary Research Fellow

Selected stream projects

IT incident detection and classification
Automated identification of incident reports
Automated surveillance of IT systems
E-health safety governance

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