Medication safety and electronic decision support

Medication safety and electronic decision support

Medication error and inappropriate medication therapy are two of the oldest, most costly and least tractable safety problems which health systems face. Information technology has the potential to make medication management safer and more effective. With that expectation, health systems worldwide are making vast investments in information technology. Our research is investigating the ways in which information technology can reduce medication errors and support improved medication therapy decisions and outcomes in hospital and residential aged care facilities.

Our research also aims to understand and improve the fit between users and their work environment to optimise safety, productivity, and efficiency through the development of electronic decision support tools. We apply a broad range of methods, including field observations, interviews and focus groups, simulation, and system logs to understand how information technology is used by clinicians, and identify well-designed and poorly designed system features.

Stream team members

Professor Johanna Westbrook
Professor and Director

Associate Professor Ling Li

Associate Professor

Dr Magdalena Raban

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Mirela Prgomet

Research Fellow

Dr Virginia Mumford

Research Fellow

Dr Kim Lind

Research Fellow

Dr Rae-Anne Hardie

Research Fellow

Dr Amy Nguyen

Research Fellow

Dr Peter Gates

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Rachel Urwin

Research Assistant

Ms Erin Fitzpatrick
Research Officer

Ms Alison Merchant
Research Officer

Ms Claire Maddox
Research Assistant


Stream coordinator

Dr Magda Raban
Ph: 02 9850 2433

News and media

Professor Johanna Westbrook awarded the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Elizabeth Blackburn Investigator Grant Award

The outstanding leadership of Macquarie University Professor Johanna Westbrook has been recognised with the announcement of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Elizabeth Blackburn Investigator Grant Award (Leadership in Health Services Research) at the NHMRC Research Excellence Awards in Canberra last night.

Professor Westbrook is internationally recognised for her research evaluating the effects of information and communication technology in healthcare and is the Director of the Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation.

The Elizabeth Blackburn Investigator Grant Award recognises the highest-ranking woman in the area of health services, determined by a peer review process. Read more.

Drop in medication errors at children’s hospital with new e-system

Early results from the Delivering safe and effective care for children project have recently gained media attention. Prof Johanna Westbrook provides background here and here .

30th Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) conference, 2020

Dr Valentina Lichtner’s submissions to 30th Medical Informatics Europe conference (MIE) have been accepted. Valentina will present in Geneva, 28/4-1/5/2020.

  • A poster: Lichtner, V, Prgomet, M, Franklin, BD, Westbrook, JI, The ‘back office’ of a dispensing cabinet: technology and work contributing to medication safety
  • A workshop: Lichtner, V, Pelayo, S, Westbrook, JI, Drifting into medication errors with automated dispensing cabinets: how to prevent it? A workshop for a medical informatics approach
  • A workshop: Marcilly, R, Kuziemsky, C,  Nohr, C, Peute, L, Lichtner, V, Ethics Reviews and Human and Organizational Factors’ Research in European Countries: a panel from the HOFMI working group
Prof Johanna  Westbrook awarded $2.5M of NHMRC funding for research on optimising eMM

Prof Johanna Westbrook was awarded a National Health and Medical Research Council Investigator Grant worth $2.5 million titled “Delivering safe and effective medication management technology now and for the future”.

There is little robust evidence to guide massive investments in electronic medication management (eMM) systems in hospitals. This innovative program of work will generate the new evidence, policy and practice urgently needed to optimise eMM systems to ensure they save lives and improve health outcomes, now and in future.

Dr Valentina Lichtner presents an AIHI Seminar, 10 October 2019

Dr Valentina Lichtner presented her work on “Ultra-safe, collective mindfulness and electronic medication management systems in paediatric oncology” at the AIHI Seminar Series, Macquarie University. Dr Lichtner’s presentation discussed the challenges of operating ultra-safe models of safety; how adherence to protocol and management of risks is sometimes achieved through collective mindfulness practices typical of high-reliability organisations; and the three levels of awareness (situation, team and organisational) that make technology work.

Dr Lichtner is a Marie-Curie visiting fellow at the Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research where she has been working with the Medication Safety and Decision Support team.

36th International Society for Quality in Health Care International Conference, Cape Town, 20-23 October, 2019

Prof Johanna Westbrook, Dr Peter Gates and Dr Kim Lind represented the Medication Safety and Electronic Decision Support team at the ISQua International Conference in Capetown in October 2019. They delivered five presentations and posters. Read more.

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