News and events

News and events

MQCQE journal club:

Time: Thursday 19th of September at 12 PM

Location: 9WW102 (Located in E6B)

Chair: Cyril Laplane AND Yuval Sanders

Purpose: To improve collaboration between members of MQCQE by providing a forum in which to share and discuss meaningful research in quantum science and technology.


  • Takes the form of a shared lunch break once per fortnight.
  • Opportunity for MQCQE members to share news and discuss current research.
  • Each lunch is run by a chairperson, who is responsible for moderating discussion.
  • Each MQCQE member is encouraged to present an item for discussion.

Acceptable Discussion Items:

Any respectable scholarly output on the subject of quantum science and technology. Examples of possible discussion items:

  • Peer-reviewed journal publications.
  • Accepted Master’s or PhD theses.
  • ArXiv preprints.
  • Talks and lectures (should be transcribed).
  • Research blog posts.
  • Corrections or retractions (look at for inspiration).
  • Books or book reviews.

You are encouraged to present your own work!

Current events MQCQE

MQCQE Seminars:

Seminar schedule 2019

Date Name Institution Seminar Topic
5 SeptemberKoji MaruyamaOsaka City UniversityHilbert space structure  induced by quantum probes
29 AugustDaniel CohenUniversity of Sydney Utilising NV based quantum sensing for velocimetry at the nanoscale
8 August at noonJonathan DowlingLouisiana State University Practical figures of merit and thresholds for entanglement distribution in large-scale quantum repeater networks
25 June Pedro Contino Da Silva CostaMQQuantum Cellular Automata and Quantum Walks to Classical and Quantum Simulation and Computation
26 JuneBen Brown University of SydneyA fault-tolerant non-Clifford gate for the surface code in two dimensions
6 JuneNathan McMahon University of Queensland  Holographic Quantum Error Correction Codes
2 May Wei Wei Zhang University of Sydney Realizing Quantum Exotic Properties with Dynamics
16 April Qi YuUNSWOn Hybrid Quantum Filtering and Capability of Quantum Sensors
8 AprilYuan Su University of Maryland Polaritonic superfluidity: a nonequilibrium version of Landau's two-fluids superfluid
28 MarchChris Jackson University of New Mexico How to Implement a generalized-coherent-state POVM
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