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MQCQE Seminars:

Time: August 6 and 13 at 9 AM

Location: Zoom link TBA

Speaker: Dr Ismael Farias

Title: Classical and quantum optimization

Abstract: An optimization problem consists of finding the maximum or minimum of a function over a subset of its domain. Optimization problems are ubiquitous in nearly all areas of engineering, science, mathematics, and economics. In the first talk, I will review the (classical) mathematical optimization approach to optimization problems.

Recently, a small number of mathematical optimization algorithms have been quantized. This new area of quantum algorithms is fast flourishing. In the second talk, I will review the state-of-the-art of quantum mathematical optimization.

Seminar schedule 2020

 Name Institution Seminar Topic
13 AugustIsmael FariasTexas Tech UniversityClassical and quantum optimization - Part 2
6 AugustIsmael FariasTexas Tech UniversityClassical and quantum optimization - Part 1
20 JulyNorman MargolusMITTBA
10 JunePedro Contino Da SilvaMacquarie UniversityQuantum Algorithm for Simulating the Wave Equation
22 MayStephen JordanMicrosoft ResearchQuantum algorithms for simulating quantum field theories
20 MayAll CQE membersMacquarie UniversityDiscussion Meeting
29 AprilRaditya BomantaraUniversity of SydneyControllable quantum computing with Floquet topological phases
24 AprilAll CQE membersMacquarie UniversityDiscussion Meeting
22 AprilGavin BrennenMacquarie University

Engineering Quantum Holography

24 February Berge EnglertCentre for Quantum Technologies, SingaporeEvidence in quantum data
14 FebruaryYogi YamaguchiTohoku UniversitySuperadditivity of channel capacity through quantum fields

MQCQE journal club:

Time: Wednesday 01 July at 1 PM

Zoom invitation: TBA

Chair: Cyril Laplane AND Yuval Sanders

Purpose: To improve collaboration between members of MQCQE by providing a forum in which to share and discuss meaningful research in quantum science and technology.


  • Takes the form of a shared lunch break once per fortnight.
  • Opportunity for MQCQE members to share news and discuss current research.
  • Each lunch is run by a chairperson, who is responsible for moderating discussion.
  • Each MQCQE member is encouraged to present an item for discussion.

Acceptable Discussion Items:

Any respectable scholarly output on the subject of quantum science and technology. Examples of possible discussion items:

  • Peer-reviewed journal publications.
  • Accepted Master’s or PhD theses.
  • ArXiv preprints.
  • Talks and lectures (should be transcribed).
  • Research blog posts.
  • Corrections or retractions (look at for inspiration).
  • Books or book reviews.

You are encouraged to present your own work!

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