Past seminars

Past seminars


21 NovemberJohn
University of Sydney Towards rare-earth ion quantum technologies at the single-ion level
6 NovemberMargareth ReidSwinburne University TechnologyMacroscopic Quantum Non-Locality
31 OctoberAlexander PitchfordAberystwyth UniversityLive optimisation of quantum states - an example maximising squeezing in an opto-mechanical system
23 OctoberMarco TomamichelUTSFault-tolerant quantum advantage with shallow circuits in 3D
2 October Mathieu L. Juan IQOQI Innsbruck and Austrian Academy of Science"Collective effects between superconducting qubits: designing an artificial “Dicke molecule”
26 September Mathieu L. JuanIQOQI Innsbruck and Austrian Academy of Science Quantum Magneto-mechanics
5 September Koji MaruyamaOsaka City UniversityHilbert space structure induced by quantum probes
29 AugustDaniel CohenUniversity of SydneyUtilising NV based quantum sensing for velocimetry at the nanoscale
8 AugustJonathan DowlingLouisiana State UniversityPractical figures of merit and thresholds for entanglement distribution in large-scale quantum repeater networks
25 JunePedro Contino Da Silva CostaMQQuantum Cellular Automata and Quantum Walks to Classical and Quantum Simulation and Computation
26 JuneBenjamin BrownUniversity of Sydney A fault-tolerant non-Clifford gate for the surface code in two dimensions
6 June Nathan McMahon The University of QueenslandHolographic Quantum Error Correction Codes
2 MayWei Wei ZhangUniversity of SydneyRealizing Quantum Exotic Properties with Dynamics
16 AprilQi YuUNSWOn Hybrid Quantum Filtering and Capability of Quantum Sensors
8 April Yuan Su University of Maryland Polaritonic superfluidity: a nonequilibrium version of Landau's two-fluids superfluid
28 MarchChris JacksonUniversity of New MexicoHow to Implement a generalized-coherent-state POVM


19 DecemberAjit SrivastavaEmory UniversitySingle photons, phonons and spins atomically thin WSe2
29 NovemberMaxime RichardCNRS, FRPolaritonic superfluidity: a nonequilibrium version of Landau's two-fluids superfluid
27 NovemberThomas O'BrienUniversity of LeidenQuantum phase estimation for noisy, small-scale experiments
23 NovemberAlastair StaceyUniversity of MelbourneSensing real world systems with quantum defects in diamond at room temperature
22 NovemberLin TianUniversity of CaliforniaQuantum phase transition of strongly-correlated polaritons in superconducting microwave resonators
15 NovemberMeera ParishMonash UniversityProbing correlations with quantum impurities
18 OctoberMatthew O'BrienMacquarie UniversityMagneto-mechanical trapping of micro-diamonds at low pressures
27 SeptemberTroy LeeUTSStrategies for quantum races
4 SeptemberJacob Gade KoefoedDTU Fotonik in DenmarkFour-wave mixing for single-photon generation and manipulation
16 AugustBrian DolanMaynooth UniversityWeighing a black hole: the definition of mass in general relativity
9 AugustJon DowlingHearne Institute for Theorical Physics

Schr√∂dinger's Web — Race to Build the Quantum Internet

9 AugustMishkat BhattacharyaRochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T)Discussion Meeting
2 AugustMishkat BhattacharyaRochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T)Optical Tweezer Phonon Laser
24 JulyJames ButlerConsultant on Diamond Materials and GrowthUnderstanding Diamond CVD:  the ‘Standard Model'
12 JulyR. Babbush & N. RubinGoogle & Rigetti ComputingDiscussion Meeting
12 JulyNicholas RubinRigetti ComputingImproving hybrid quantum algorithms through n-representability conditions
13 JulyRyan BabbushGoogleSimulating chemistry on realistic quantum computers
31 MayNiccolo SomaschiQuandela, FRAccelerating optical quantum technologies with quantum -dot based devices
30 MayJulian RennertWaterloo UniversityIntroduction to Loop Quantum Gravity and Spinfoams via Turaev-Viro TQFT's and connections with condensed matter theory and topological quantum computation
10 MayMadhav Krishnan VijayanUniversity of Technology, SydneyOne-shot assisted concentration of coherence
3 MayRobert MannProf Robert Mann University of WaterlooEntanglement Harvesting Near Black Holes
26 April 2018Tan Si HuiSingapore University of Technology and DesignA quantum code for quantum homomorphic encryption and malleable quantum shared secrets
13 April 2018Kamil Korzekwa University of SydneyCoherifying quantum states and channels
15 March 2018 Magdalena ZychThe University of QueenslandDiscussion on: Effects of weak gravitational fields on the quantum dynamics of composite particles.
8 March 2018Jason TwamleyMacquarie UniversityGenerating non-classical states of motion using spontaneous emission
9 February 2018Dax KohMITHardness of classically simulating conjugated Clifford circuits
13 February 2018Dr Juan Bermejo-VegaFree University of BerlinProve that your own quantum device cannot be classically stimulated


13 December
Dr Francesco Caravelli Los Alamos National LaboratorySpin models and memristors: two different coins, yet the same coin 
12 December 2017Dr Dimitris AngelakisCentre for Quantum Technologies Singapore and Technical University Crete

Quantum simulations with interacting photons: Spectral signatures of many-body localization in quantum superconducting chips

30 November 2017Dr Meenu KumariWilfrid Laurier University Quantum-classical correspondence and its effect on the dynamics of quantum entanglement in kicked hop
27 November 2017Dr Alexander SolnstevUniversity of Technology SydneyQuantum optics on nonlinear chip
24 November 2017Dr Alexander WoodUniversity of MelbourneA new spin on quantum sensing in diamond
7 November 2017Dr Guang Hao LowMicrosoftQuantum Signal Processing by Single-Qubit Dynamics
2 November 2017Dr Ryan BabbushGoogleTowards Scalable Quantum Simulations of Electronic Structure
5 October 2017Dr Peter TurnerUniversity of BristolOn the quantum information of quantum interference
28 September 2017Dr Marco OrnigottiThe University of Rostock On the separation of the angular momentum of light for optical beams
21 September 2017Dr Marco OrnigottiThe University of RostockClassical and Quantum X Waves with Orbital Angular Momentum
01 June 2017Dr Tom Space                   The University of Queensland                                        Synthesising Keldysh and Lindblad: Correlated Gain and Loss in Higher Order Perturbation Theory


30 November 2016Prof Jingbo WangThe University of Western AustraliaQuantum walks, efficient quantum circuit implementation, and potential applications
28 November 2016Prof Dimitris AngelakisCentre for Quantum Technologies, SingaporeQuantum simulations with photons and polaritons: From Mott transitions to topological  pumping with photons
25 November 2016Dr Valentina BaccettiMacquarie UniversityInformation recovery problem and role of evaporation
11 November 2016Dr Artur SchererMacquarie UniversityLinear-systems quantum algorithm and its applications to solving linear and nonlinear differential equations
4 November 2016Shakib DaryanooshGriffith UniversityExperimental optical phase measurement at the exact Heisenberg limit
28 October 2016Dr Hendra NurdinAustralian National UniversityPerfectly capturing traveling single photons of arbitrary temporal wavepackets with a single tuneable device
21 October 2016Dr Miguel FerreiraMacquarie UniversityLattice gauge theories and topological quantum codes
14 October 201Prof Michael BremnerUniversity of Technology, SydneyAchieving quantum supremacy via low-depth quantum circuit sampling
7 October 2016Dr Matthew BroomeUniversity of New South WalesState of the art in donor based quantum computatio
20 September 2016Professor Nimrod MoiseyvTechnion,IsraelQuantum Mechanics from a Non-Hermitian Perspective
16 September 2016A/Prof Gavin BrennenMacquarie UniversityQuantum simulations of holographic duality
2 September 2016Prof Peter DrummondSwinbourne University of TechnologyQuantum Computing 2.0:  the next generation
26 August 2016Dr Chris GranadeUniversity of SydneyRejection and Particle Filtering for Hamiltonian Learning
19 August 2016Prof Jason TwamleyMacquarie UniversityQuantum engineering with magnetic fields
12 August 2016A/Prof Gabriel Molina-TerrizaMacquarie UniversityQuantum Nanophotonics in QSciTech
9 August 2016Prof Andrew WhiteThe University of QueenslandIntriguing Chemists and Upsetting Computer Scientists Using Light and Mirrors
15 July 2016Prof Jon DowlingHearne Institute for Theoretical Physics, Louisiana State UniversitySpatial Multi-Mode Structure of Atom-Generated Squeezed Light
8 July 2016Leonardo NovoUniversity of Lisbon, PortugalOptimal search in random graphs using quantum walks
1 July 2016Dr Mattias JohnssonMacquarie UniversityA high precision vibration sensor using optical trapping
24 June 2016Dr Marcus DohertyAustralian National UniversityDiamond Quantum Science and Technology at ANU
17 June 2016Prof Geoff PrydeGriffith UniversityPhotonic entanglement sharing
14 June 2016Dr Torsten GaebelThe University of SydneyHyperpolarization of nanodiamonds and new biological imaging modalities with nanodiamonds
10 June 2016Dr Chris FerrieThe University of SydneyGreen Sampling: using recycled randomness to locate phase transitions
3 June 2016Dr Keyu XiaMacquarie UniversityCavity QED and Waveguide QED
20 May 2016Dr Ben BaragiolaMacquarie UniversitySqueezing of atomic spin waves using quantum nondemolition measurement
29 April 2016Piotr WargockiMacquarie UniversityFLIM measurements using 512x128 pixels 'Swiss-SPAD' chip
29 April 2016Dr Mathieu JuanMacquarie UniversityTaking advantage of colour centres in nano-diamonds: a novel approach for quantum optomechanics
27 April 2016Prof Sir Michael BerryThe University of BristolJoseph Moyal lecture: Nature's optics and our understanding of light
27 April 2016Prof Sir Michael BerryThe University of BristolDivergent series: from Thomas Bayes's bewilderment to today's resurgence via the rainbow.
19 April 2016Prof Sir Michael BerryThe University of BristolPublic Lecture: How quantum physics democratized music: a
meditation on physics and technology.
15 April 2016Prof Andrew DohertyThe University of SydneyOn-Chip Microwave Quantum Hall Circulator
8 April 2016Dr Luke HeltMacquarie UniversityHeralded Single Photon Generation in Complex Waveguides
1 April 2016Ms Sarah KaiserUniversity of WaterlooPractical Quantum cryptography devices: how to make them and how
to break them
23 March 2016Mr Miguel FerreraUniversidade de Sao PauloToric Code and Quantum Double models from deformed topological invariants
18 March 2016Dr Tommaso DemarieSingapore UniversityClassically Driven Blind Quantum Computing from Flow Ambiguity
11 March 2016Dr Carlo BradacMacquarie UniversityObservation of cooperatively-enhanced dipole forces from NV centres in optically trapped nanodiamonds
11 March 2016 Mr Keith MotesMacquarie UniversityPreparing Continuous Variable Optical States for Quantum Error Correction by Coupling Atomic Ensembles to Squeezed States of Light
10 March 2016Dr. Giandomenico PalumboUniversity UtrechtMajorana edge modes and topological superconductors on the Lieb lattice
8 March 2016Dr Lachlan RogersUniversity of UlmColloquium - The Quest for “Perfect” Diamond Qubits
1 March 2016Prof. Cristiano CiuitiUniversity of
Paris Diderot, France
Colloquium - Quantum Fluids of Light
23 February 2016Prof. Cristiano CiuitiUniversity of
Paris Diderot, France
Recent advances in the theory of strongly correlated photonic systems


18 December 2015Dr Alexia AuffevesCNRS, FranceSuperradiance and lasing
18 December 2015Prof Ivan DeutschUniversity of New MexicoQuantum Control and Measurement of Atomic Spins
17 December 2015Matthias BrandlInstitute for Experimental Physics,Innsbruck, AustriaTowards scalable quantum computing with ions in a cryogenic environment
16 December 2015Dr Maxime RichardCNRS, FranceDigression on the notion of effective mass for photons stored in a planar optical cavity
4 December 2015Dr Alexander GlätzleIQOQI Innsbruck, AustriaDesigning Quantum Spin Models with Laser-Dressed Rydberg Atoms
4 December 2015Dr Maxime RichardCNRS, FranceWhat you always wanted to know about polaritons but never dared to ask
4 December 2015Christopher WoodInstitute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, CanadaInitialization and Characterization Open Quantum Systems
3 December 2015Dr Alexia AuffevesCNRS, FranceReversible work extraction in a hybrid opto-mechanical system
3 December 2015A/Prof Thomas BuschOkinawa Institute for Science and Technology, Japan1D Quantum Gases: Weak and/or Strongly Correlated II
2 December 2015A/Prof Thomas BuschOkinawa Institute for Science and Technology, Japan1D Quantum Gases: Weak and/or Strongly Correlated II
27 November 2015Dr Felix PollockMonash UniversityA fluctuation relation for heat in open quantum processes
20 November 2015A/Prof Thomas BuschOkinawa Institute for Science and Technology, JapanControlling Quantum Systems with Spatial Adiabatic Passage
28th October 2015Prof Jon DowlingHearne Institute for Theoretical Physics, Louisiana State UniversityInefficiency of classically simulating linear optical quantum computing with Fock-state inputs
23rd October 2015Dr Dave WeckerMicrosoft, USALIQUi|> and SoLi|>: Simulation and Compilation of Quantum Algorithms
20th October 2015Prof Fedor JelezkoInstitute of Quantum Optics, Ulm University, GermanyDiamond based quantum technologies
16th October 2015Dr Ben BaragiolaMacquarie UniversityOpen quantum systems with propagating Fock states
5th September 201Dr Peter RohdeUniversity of Technology, SydneyResource efficient linear optics quantum computing using fibre-loop architectures
28th August 2015Prof Kris HelmersonMonash UniversitySingle photon vortex knots
21st August 2015Dr Matthew SellarsAustralian National UniversityRare-earth doped crystals and application to information processing
14th August 2015Prof Stephen BartlettUniversity of SydneyEstimating outcome probabilities of quantum circuits using quasiprobabilities
7th August 2015Dr Andrey SukhorukovAustralian National UniversityOn-chip quantum photonics with coupled nonlinear waveguides
19th June 2015Dr Matthew WoolleyUNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force AcademyPhoton-assisted tunnelling with nonclassical light
12th June 2015Dr Alberto PeruzzoRMITExperimental linear optical demonstrations of novel quantum state tomography, certification and transfer
29th May 2015Dr Runyao DuanQuantum Computation Laboratory, University of Technology, SydneyOn zero-error communication via quantum channels in the presence of noiseless feedback
22nd May 2015Prof Tim DutyUniversity of New South WalesCharge transport and density waves in 1D Josephson-junction chains
22nd May 2015Nathan McMahonUniversity of QueenslandWZW Conformal Field Theory models: a brief introduction
15th May 2015Dr Chunle XiongUniversity of SydneyCMOS compatible photonic chip based quantum light sources
12th May 2015Prof David ReillyUniversity of SydneyQuantum Devices to Quantum Machines: Engineering the Scale-up of Quantum Technology
8th May 2015Dr Steve FlammiaUniversity of SydneySparse Quantum Codes from Quantum Circuits
24th April 2015A/Prof Michael BremnerUniversity of Technology SydneyConstructing classically difficult quantum simulation algorithms
9th April 2015Prof Andrew Greentree & Dr Jan JeskeRMITLaser Threshold Magnetometry
17 March 2015Dr Robert PfeiferMQDMRG for anyonic systems
10 March 2015Dr Nicholas MenicucciUniversity of SydneyGigantic Quantum Computers Made of Laser Light
9 March 2015Dr Sofyan IblisdirUniversity of BarcelonaSimulated Annealing for tensor network states
3 March 2015A/Prof Marco LiscidiniUniversity of PaviaA Classical Boy in a Quantum World
27 January 2015Dr Huy Nguyen LeUniversity of SingaporeAtom -photon interactions in 1D waveguides
20 January 2015Dr Marco PianiUniversity of StrathclydeAn operational approach to the study of quantum correlations exploiting semidefinite programming
20 January 2015Prof Oriol Romero-IsartInstitute for Quantum Optics and Quantum InformationSuperconducting Vortex Lattices for Ultracold Atoms


18th November 2014Dr Kavan ModiMonash UniversityMeasuring heat in a quantum process
18th November 2014Dr Dan PadilhaAerospace Engineering and Computer Science, UNSWAdiabatic Quantum Computation on a D-Wave Two
18th November 2014Dr Mattias JohnssonMacquarie UniversityGravimetry using fat cats in a quantum magnetomechanical system
11 November 2014A/Prof Gavin BrennenMacquarie UniversityTopology and the quantum world
21st October 2014Prof Joseph FitzsimonsSingapore University of Technology and DesignVerifiable and blind quantum computation
7th October 2014Dr Nan ZhaoBeijing Computational Science Research CentreUltra-sensitive measurement and quantum metrology under dynamical decoupling control
15th September 2014A/Prof Gavin BrennenMacquarie UniversityTopological Anonymous Broadcasting (aka Donus vs. the NSA)
9th September 2014Prof Richard JozsaDAMTP, University of Cambridge 
27th August 2014Hossein DinaniMacquarie UniversityLoss-resistant unambiguous phase measurement
12th August 2014Keith MotesMacquarie UniversityScalable boson-sampling with time-bin encoding using a loop-based architecture
3rd June 2014A/Prof Andrea MorelloUNSWQuantum information processing with single atoms in silicon
27th May 2014Dr Lawrence LeeVictor Chang Cardiac Research InstituteArtificial synthesis of complex biological nanomachines with DNA origami nanostructure scaffolds
27th May 2014Dr Aitzol Garcia-EtxarriStandford UniversityParity-Time symmetric optical antennas: A route towards the active control of nano-photonic systems
14th May 2014Dr. Yi-Chan LeeUTSLocal PT Symmetry Violates the No-Signaling Principle
6th May 2014Sir Peter Knight Colloquium: “Light Wave-Particle duality: From Newton to Quantum Optics”
3rd April 2014Dr Pascale SenellartCNRS, Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures, FranceCavity quantum electrodynamics with semiconductor quantum dots
1st April 2014Prof Stephen BartlettUniversity of SydneyControl Engineering in Quantum Coherent Systems
6th March 2014Christopher Ward Cavity cooling of an ensemble spin system
11th February 2014Prof Jeremy BaumbergCambridgeQuantum Plasmonics
13th January 2014Dr Paul HessHarvardSpectroscopy of ThO molecules searching for an electric dipole moment of the electron


17th December 2013Dr Andreas JechowPhotonics Department, University of PotsdamPhotonics in Potsdam and enhanced two-photon excited fluorescence by photon bunching
28th November 2013Prof Barry SandersUniversity of CalgaryCoherent and cooperative quantum optics in one dimension
21st November 2013Prof DuUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaQuantum Coherence Spin Systems
15th November 2013Xavier Zambrano PuyaltoMacquarie UniversityProbing the nano-world with the symmetries of light
15th November 2013Prof Jietai JingEast China Normal UniversityInformal talk on nonlinear experimental interferometry
14th November 2013Dr Alberto AmoLaboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, FrancePolariton condensation and superfluidity in microstructures
13th November 2013Dr Alberto AmoLaboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, FrancePolaritons in confined geometries: from Josephson oscillations and spin-orbit coupling to polariton honeycomb lattices
7th November 2013Dr Alberto AmoLaboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, FrancePropagation and quantum hydrodynamics of polariton gases
6th November 2013Dr Alberto AmoLaboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, FranceIntroduction to polariton condensates in semiconductor microcavities
17th September 2013Prof Karol ZyckowskiInstitute of Physics, University of JagiellonskiPlaying with small matrices: On numerical range of an operator
16th September 2013Dr Michal MikudaDept Optics, Palacky University, Czech RepublicExperimental quantum optics in Olomouc
12th September 2013Dr Dominic BerryMacquarie UniversitySchrodinger’s Computer: Introductory Quantum Algorithms – Lecture 3 “Quantum Simulation Algorithms”
11th September 2013Prof Karol ZyckowskiInstitute of Physics, University of JagiellonskiQuantifying Quantum Entanglement
10th September 2013Dr Michal HajdusekUniversity of TokyoMultipartite entanglement quantification in graph states
9th September 2013Dr Dominic BerryMacquarie UniversitySchrodinger’s Computer: Introductory Quantum Algorithms – Lecture 2 “Techniques for Quantum Algorithms”
4th September 2013Dr Dominic BerryMacquarie UniversitySchrodinger’s Computer: Introductory Quantum Algorithms – Lecture 1 “Elementary Quantum Algorithms”
15th August 2013Prof Enrique SolanoUniversity of the Basque Country, SpainCOLLOQUIUM: “Quantum simulations of possible and impossible physics”
13th August 2013Prof Enrique SolanoUniversity of the Basque Country, SpainPhysics of circuit QED as a quantum technology for quantum information
1st August 2013Prof Enrique SolanoUniversity of the Basque Country, SpainPhysics of trapped ions as a quantum technology for quantum
1st August 2013Dr Lucas LamataUniversity of the Basque Country, SpainQuantum Simulations of Fermions and Bosons with Trapped Ions
1st August 2013Dr Jorge CasanovaUniversity of the Basque Country, SpainEmbedding Quantum Simulators
31 July 2013Prof Jonathon DowlingLouisiana State University, USACOLLOQUIUM: “Quantum Technology: The second quantum revolution.”
25th July 2013Prof Enrique SolanoUniversity of the Basque Country, SpainTrapped ions and Quantum Simulations
18th July 2013Prof Jonathon DowlingLouisiana State University, USASchroedinger’s Rainbow
13th June 2013Dr Guilherme TosiQuantum Nanosystems, UNSWSemiconductor quantum fluids made to interact
4th June 2013Dr Hendra I. NurdinSchool of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, UNSWContinuous-time quantum filtering and feedback control: from classical to quantum
30th May 2013Dr Luke HeltMacquarie UniversityBroadband nature of optical Bell states on a chip
27th May & 28th May 2013Dr Sundance Bilson-ThompsonThe University of AdelaideIntroduction to Loop Quantum Gravity
24th May 2013Dr Rob PfeiferPerimeter Institute, CanadaAnyons on surfaces of higher genus
23rd May 2013Dr Matt WoolleySchool of Engineering & Information Technology, UNSW Canberra (ADFA)Measurement and interference with microwave photons
21st May 2013Prof Sumanthi RaoHarish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, IndiaInteger/Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
16th May 2013A/Prof Mike SteelMacquarie UniversityRecent CUDOS research in integrated quantum photonics
9th May 2013Dr Thomas VolzMacquarie UniversityUltrafast single-photon non-linearities on a semiconductor chip
2nd May 2013Prof Ashoke SenHarish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, IndiaInformal Seminar
2nd May 2013Prof Sumanthi RaoHarish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, IndiaTransport through 2D surface states of 3D topological insulators
24th April 2013Dr Josh CombesDepartment of Physics and Astronomy, University of New MexicoN-photon wavepackets interacting with an arbitrary quantum systems
11 April 2013Babatunde AyeniMacquarie UniversityKosterlitz- Thouless(KT) Transition in a Quasi-2D Bose Gases: a Quantum Monte Carlo Study
11 April 2013Keith MotesMacquarie UniversityPhase estimation with two-mode squeezed vacuum and parity detection: Bayesian analysis
4 April 2013Dr Michael VannerEQuS, The University of QueenslandMeasurement-based quantum optomechanics
21 March 2013Dr Arkady FederovEQuS, The University of QueenslandRealization of Deterministic Quantum Teleportation with Solid State Qubits
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