Our people

Our people

Centre Director

Professor Gavin Brennen

Gavin Brennen joined the faculty in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Macquarie University in 2007 and is a CI in the ARC Centre for Excellence in Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS). He leads a theory research group working on many body quantum information, quantum simulation & computation, including implementations of quantum technologies with AMO and superconducting systems. Gavin hails from Fairbanks, Alaska and completed his PhD studies at the University of New Mexico, followed by work as a post-doc at NIST Gaithersburg, and Senior Scientist at IQOQI, Innsbruck.

Department of Physics and Astronomy Members

 NameContact Details
Dominic Berry
Department of Physics and Astronomy
ARC Future Fellow
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.408
E: dominic.berry@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 6370
Gavin Brennen
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Professor, ARC CoE EQuS
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.611
E: gavin.brennen@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 4445

Daniel Burgarth
Department of Physics and Astronomy
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 248
Alexei Gilchrist
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Associate Professor, ARC CoE EQuS
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 2.409
E: alexei.gilchrist@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 4443

Rich Mildren
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Professor, ARC Future Fellow,
Winner of the 2017 Eureka prizes
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.715
E: rich.mildren@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8965

Michael Steel
Centre for Ultrahigh-bandwidth
Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS)
Professor, Head of Physics & Astronomy
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.713

E: michael.steel@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8916

Daniel Terno
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Associate Professor
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 248

E: daniel.terno@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 4162

Jason Twamley
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Professor; Chair, Quantum Information Science
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.612

E: jason.twamley@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8908

Thomas Volz
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 248
E: thomas.volz@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8261

Partner Members from Other Departments

 NameContact Details

Juan Carlos Afonso
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Associate Professor in Geophysics
E7A-12 Wally's Walk 124
E: juan.afonso@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 8298

Yves De Deene
Department of Engineering
3 IR Room 106
E: yves.dedeene@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 9152

Michael Heimlich
Department of Engineering

50WTR Room 111
E: michael.heimlich@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 1095

David Inglis
Department of Engineering
7 Wally's Walk, Room 127
E: david.inglis@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 9144

Craig O'Neill
Earth and Planetary Sciences
Associate Professor
12 Wally's Walk, Room 515
E: craig.oneill@mq.edu.au
T: +61 (2) 9850 6904

Advisor Board

Prof. Jon Dowling (Louisiana State University)
Prof. Fedor Jelezko (Univ. of Ulm, Germany)
Dr. Luke Uribarri (Lockheed Martin Inc.)
Dave Wecker (Microsoft Inc.)
Ray O. Johnson (QxBranch)


Prof Gavin Brennen, P & A
Dr. Juan Carlos Afonso, EPS
Dr. Dominic Berry (Future Fellow), P & A
Dr. Louise Brown, CBMS
Dr. James Cresser, P & A
Prof. Yves De Denne, Engineering
A/Prof Alexei Gilchrist, P & A
A/Prof Rich Mildren (Future Fellow), P & A 
A/Prof Craig O'Neill (Future Fellow), EPS
A/Prof Mike Steel, P & A
A/Prof Daniel Terno, P & A
Prof. Jason Twamley, P & A
Dr. Thomas Volz, P & A


Name Area of expertise
Pedro Contino Da Silva Costa
Honorary Associate
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 242
E: pedro.costa@mq.edu.au
  • Quantum algorithms, Quantum Walks,
  • Quantum Cellular Automata,
  • Quantum Optimization Algorithms,
  • Quantum Field Theory

Eric Howard
Honorary Associate
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 2.405
E: eric.howard@mq.edu.au

  • Theoretical condensed matter physics, topological quantum systems, many-body information
  • Quantum computing, quantum thermodynamics and quantum machine learning
  • Quantum Gravity, tensor network holography, AdS/CFT, renormalization and black hole theory
Mattias Johnsson
Honorary Associate
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 242
  • Bose Einstein condensates, particularly with regard to the creation of squeezed and entangled atomic states
  • Nitrogen and silicon vacancy systems, and their use in tests of decoherence and many body quantum mechanics
  • Development of quantum sensors, using BECs, NV centres in diamond, and opto- and magneto-mechanical systems, with a particular interest in gravimetry
  • Developing XMDS2, a fast and scalable open source software framework for the solution of coupled multidimensional partial differential equations, including stochastic variants
Cyril Laplane 
Honorary Associate 
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 242
E:  cyril.laplane@mq.edu.au
  • Quantum optics
  • Optical centers in solid
  • Quantum information
Ramil Nigmatullin
Honorary Associate
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.404
E: ramil.nigmatullin@mq.edu.au
  • Noise resilient quantum computation and simulation
  • Non-equilibrium statistical physics and phase transitions
  • Ion Coulomb crystal theory
Reece Roberts
Honorary Associate
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 242
E: reece.roberts@mq.edu.au
  • Quantum optical control of optically levitated nanopartices for ultra-sensitive detection and metrology.
  • Quantum sensing and metrology using colour centres in Diamonds and other crystals (nitrogen vacancy, silicon-vacancy, rare earth ions etc.).
Lachlan Rogers
Honorary Associate
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 242
  • Diamond colour centres (nitrogen-vacancy, silicon-vacancy, germanium-vacancy, etc)
  • Single-emitter quantum optics, spin-photon interaction, quantum networks
  • Cryogenic solid-state spectroscopy, including single-atom confocal flourescence imaging
Yuval Sanders
Honorary Associate
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 242
  • Analysis and design of quantum computer algorithms
  • Characterisation, verification and validation of quantum systems
Lorenzo Scarpelli
Honorary Associate
E6A-9 Wally's Walk 242
E: lorenzo.scarpelli@mq.edu.au
  • Quantum polaritonics with III-V semiconductors and two-dimensional materials
  • Single-photon nonlinearities
  • Low-temperature fibre-cavity quantum electrodynamics
Mikolaj Schmidt
Honorary Associate
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.407
  • Quantum optics in nanoscale systems
  • Plasmonic and dielectric micro cavities
  • Non-linear optics in waveguides


Name                            Current research project  
Daniel Blay
PhD Student
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.437
E: daniel.blay@mq.edu.au
Theory of frequency state translation and multi-colour interference in the quantum multimode regime.

Jemy Geordy
PhD Student
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.401
E: jemy.geordy@hdr.mq.edu.au

Bayesian estimation of blinking in nano-diamond color centres
Omar Muhieddine
Master student
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.401
E: omar.muhieddine@students.mq.edu.au
A room-temperature diamond maser

Sebastian Murk
PhD Student
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.401
E: sebastian.murk@hdr.mq.edu.au

Study of implications arising from a background-independent theory of quantum gravity
Ian Nagle
PhD Student
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.401
E: ian.nagle@mq.edu.au  
Quantum Information and Gravity
Sarath Raman Nair
PhD Student
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.401
E: sarath.raman.nair@mq.edu.au

Light-matter fiber-cavity interfaces with color centers in diamond: From single spin-single photon quantum interfaces to collective effects.

Louis Tessler
Master Student
E6B- 7 Wally's Walk 2.401
E: IIAOPSW@gmail.com
A Quantum Algorithm for time-dependent Partial Differential Equations
Elisabeth Wagner
PhD Student
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.401
E: elisabeth.wagner@students.mq.edu.au
Unitary and Non-Unitary Quantum Cellular Automata
James White
PhD Student
E6B-7 Wally's Walk 2.401
E: james.white1@students@mq.edu.au
Development of optofluidic microchips for the sorting of bright nanodiamonds


19 February - 28 February 2020Dr Sundance Bilson Thompson University of Adelaide
13 - 21 December 2018Ajit SrivastavaEmory University
3 Nov - 29 November 2018Alexia AuffevesInstitut Neel - CNRS
3 Nov - 5 December 2018Maxime RichardInstitut Neel - CNRS
23 July - 26 November 2018Mr Jacob Gade Koefoed Technical University of Denmark, DK
10 August - 11 September 2018Prof Brian Dolan National University of Ireland Maynooth, IR
5 August - 15 August 2018Prof Jon Dowling Louisiana State University, USA
1 August - 29 August 2018Mishkat BhattacharyaRochester Institute of Technology, USA
20 July - 5 August 2018Dr James Butler Gemological Institute of America, USA
12 July 2018Dr Nicholas RubinRigetti Quantum Computing, USA
11 July -13 July 2018Dr Ryan BabbushGoogle, AUS
31 May - 1 June 2018Dr Niccolo Somaschi Quandela, FR
28 April - 11 May 2018Prof Rob MannUniversity of Waterloo
10 September - 6 October 2017Dr Marco Ornigotti University of Rostock, Germany
06 August - 19 August 2017Prof Jon DowlingLouisiana State University, USA
2010-2017Distinguished visitor Prof. Gabriel Molina-TerrizaMaterial Physics Center CFM (UPV/EHU), Spain
04 March 2017 - 4 March 2018Dr James CresserUniversity of Glasgow, Scotland
15 February - December 2017Dr Jan Jeske RMIT University 
23 November – 18 December 2015Dr Alexia AuffevesFrench National Centre for Scientific Research, France
15 November -5 December 2015 A/Prof Sile Nic ChomaicOjinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
 15 November -5 December 2015 A/Prof Thomas BuschOjinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
 8 November – 18 December 2015 Dr Maxime RichardFrench National Centre for Scientific Research, France
18 October – 25 October 2015Prof Fedor JelezkoUniversity of Ulm, Germany
18 October – 25 October 2015Prof Jon DowlingLouisiana State University, USA
12 July – 25 July 2015Prof Jon DowlingLouisiana State University, USA
15 April 2016 - 15 Dec 2017Mr Nathan McMahonUniversity of Queensland, AUS
4-10 April & 1-12 July 2015Prof Rob MannUniversity of Waterloo Canada


NameThesis titleYear of completion
Babatunde AyeniStudies of braided non-abelian anyons using anyonic tensor networksPhD 2017
Matthew Van BreugelExploring coherence properties and collective effects in nanodiamonds containing color centersPhD 2019
Blay DanielAn integrated Raman-free photon sourceMRes 2015
Bradach CarloThe properties of nitrogen-vacancy centres in nanodiamondPhD 2012
Brodutch AharonLocality and the flow of quantum informationPhD 2012
Buese AlexanderQuantum control and measurments of plasmonic nanostructuresPhD 2016
Chaboyer ZacharyReconfigurable laser-written photonic circuits for non-classical opticsPhD 2017
Cirio MauroEngineered quantum systems: magnetomechanics, quantum algorithms for statistical systems, and emergent many body phenomenaPhD 2014
Conquest OliverNano-scale Raman Thermometry of Diamond.MRES 2018
Connor StewardInstrument Characterisation for Optical Activity Measurements in the Non-Paraxial RegimeMRes 2018
Delanty MichaelCollective effects in engineered quantum systemsPhD 2012
Demarie TomassoGeometrical and Topological Aspects of Quantum Information systemsPhD 2014
Dinani HosseinQuantum phase estimation in noisy systemsPhD 2016
Stephen DunnBrownian Motion of Magnetically Microsystems in VacuumMRES 2017
Facer ChrisQuantum master equations: classical noise, coarse graining , and heat exchangePhD 2014
Fernandez-Corbaton IvanHelicity and duality symmetry in light matter interactions: Theory and applicationsPhD 2012
Fraser BrandonQuantum Cellular AutomataBSc. Honours 2007
Freckleton J.A Multiparty Quantum Parrondo Game With Applications to Secure ComputationBSc. Honours 2007
Geordy JemyBayesian estimation of blinking in nano-diamond color centresMRES 2019
Gleeson RhiannonLight propagation in "slow light" moving media: a playground for exploring relativistic analogies in the laboratoryBSc. Honours 2008
Guff Thomas

Quantum thermodynamics and quantum measurements

PhD 2019
Hagan BryteDiscretising Quantum Field Theory with WaveletsMRES 2018
Helt LukeTheoretical Integrated Quantum OpticsPostdoc 2017
Inam FarazFundamental characterisation of nanodiamond NV centre spontaneous emissionPhD 2014
Javaherian ClaraQuantum transport and switching in long-ranged coupled quantum systemsPhD 2016
Matthew JoliffeMany body physics with coloured centred diamondsPhD 2019
Maria KieferovaQuantum OptimizationPhD 2019
Lehman LauriStatistical effects in anyonic quantum walksPhD 2013
Linjordet TrondAdiabatic transition from cluster state to surface codeMS 2013
Lombardo DanielHybrid Quantum Systems in Cavity QED and OptomechanicsMRES 2015
Meany ThomasLaser written integrated photonics for quantum information sciencePhD 2014
McMahon Nathan PhD 2018
Motes KeithRoutes Towards Optical Quantum Technology - New Architectures and ApplicationsPhD 2016
Nabomita Roy MuktySuperabsorption of light in spin ensemblesMRES 2018
Paz-Silva GerardoOn quantum computing with reduced requirementsPhD 2011
Joannes PiotrowskiTowards quantum aspects of Brillouin scattering in integrated nanoscale optical waveguidesMRES 2018
Reece RobertsResonant dipole forces in optical levitationPhD 2018
Said RessaQuantum Information Processing Tasks and Applications in DiamondPhD 2011
Schoenfeldt JohannControl and Engineering of Optical Nonlinearilities in Multi-Level Quantum SystemsPhD 2011
Smith AlexanderDetectors, Reference Frames, and TimePhD 2018
Tabacchini AndreaExperimental implementations of multidimensional multi-photon statesPhD 2017
Tischler NoraTowards quantum metrology for nanoscatterersPhD 2016
Wood ChrisNon-completely positive maps: properties and applicationsBSc. Honours 2008
Wood AndrewExploring the Physics of Mechanically Tunable Microcavity PolaritonsPhD 2019
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