The Biomolecular Discovery Research Centre have access to the following world-class facilities:

APAF (Australian Proteome Analysis Facility)

APAF has over 20 years’ experience in providing proteomic services, and combined with leading edge infrastructure and expertise provides total solutions for all your proteomic research needs.

Macquarie University Synthetic Biology Lab

The Synthetic Biology laboratory is the only Australian node for the global Yeast 2.0 project, and is customised for the design and synthesis of neo-chromosomes and a complete eukaryotic genome.

MUCAB (Macquarie University Centre for Analytical Biotechnology)

The Centre manages substantial instrumentation resources appropriate for the contemporary study of biomolecules and natural products, and has led to Macquarie University being recognised nationally as a centre of excellence for biomolecular analysis.

Macquarie University Microscopy Unit

The Microscopy Unit contains a range of modern imaging equipment such as the Atomic Force Microscope, light microscopy, electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, histology and digital image capture.

Flow Cytometry Facility

The high throughput, precise sorting and adaptability offered by this instrument will support diverse projects from ‘single cell genomics’, to population proteomics and nanoparticle research.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Facilities at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are used to model biological systems.

Macquarie University Plant Growth Facility

Housing a wide range of experimental programs, this facility provides a basis for plant research in national and international collaborative programs.

NMR Facility

This new state of the art facility hosts two solution-state instruments (Bruker AVII 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer (Narcissus) and Bruker Avance DPX 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer (Echo)) and a parahydrogen generator, used to produce hyperpolarised substrates.

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