Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

We offer research, training and education in a broad range of areas including medicine, neuroscience, public health, allied health, psychology, cognitive science and linguistics.

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Research in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences spans the biomedical and clinical sciences, cognitive and brain sciences, health systems and health informatics, linguistics, physiotherapy, psychology and public health.

Areas of research excellence include neuroscience, innovations in healthcare systems, emotional health, expertise, multilingualism, language acquisition in children, reading, and speech and hearing.

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Research news

The lethal blind spot in our COVID-19 response
Contaminated surfaces are an overlooked front in our battle against coronavirus. We need to act now, writes Professor Anand Deva, co-chair of the Surgical Infection Research Group at Macquarie University.
How chatbots support us in COVID-19
Chatbots are helping fight the coronavirus pandemic, but as Macquarie University researcher Dr Liliana Laranjo points out, they present challenges alongside the benefits.
Please explain: how vaccines work
Billions of dollars and countless hours are being devoted to developing a vaccine for COVID-19. Infectious diseases epidemiologist Professor Janaki Amin explains how vaccines work and what might lie ahead in the search for a solution to the pandemic.
2020: A boom in babies or bust-ups?
Will our enforced COVID-19 isolation lead to record divorce rates? Or will it bring couples closer? Macquarie University relationships expert has these 10 tips for staying positive while under unusual strain.

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