Flow Cytometry Facility

Flow Cytometry Facility


This facility is sustained by funding from the Australian Research Council (LE120100038. 2012. Single cell genomics, Led by Laureate Fellow Ian Paulsen), Macquarie University Internal Grants (RIBG and MQSIS) and continuing support from the Department of Molecular Sciences. We are an open access facility willing to share our expertise and equipment to support great science. The facility is maintained through cost recovery and collaboration. If you think that cytometry could support your research please get in contact with Dr Martin Ostrowski.


We maintain a range of cytometers and cell sorters that support high-throughput analyses, high speed cell sorting and single cell genomics. Many of our instruments are configured for marine research which means that they are ideal for analyses of ultra-small particles (e.g. viruses), and can detect a broad range of fluorescent signals simultaneously, including Hoechst, GFP, YFP, mCherry, PE and Chlorophyll.

Some of the work we do:

  • Single cell genomics of marine phytoplankton
  • Biosensor development for Synthetic Biology and Bioengineering
  • Enrichment of transfected mammalian cell lines using fluorescent reporters
  • Cell sorting for isolating axenic cultures (yeast, bacteria, cyanobacteria)
  • Enumeration of marine bacteria, virus and phage
  • Population metagenomics for microbial ecology

Special applications:

  • Time resolved flow cytometry
  • time-gated laser scanning cytometry
  • FlowCAM imaging cytometry


Access is open to staff and students across Macquarie University as well as External Users. *Instrument running costs are subsidised to promote wide access and benefit as many users and groups as possible. As a subsidised facility it is important that we keep records to demonstrate that the investment is broadly supporting new and innovative research across the University.

In order to access the facility you will need to register your project on the following form.


All users of this facility must be registered and follow the rules. Instruments must be booked, access to the resource calendars requires registration. To register please contact Martin Ostrowski, E8A 260)


This facility is managed by Dr Martin Ostrowski and a committee composed of Prof. Ian Paulsen (Deputy Director of the Biomolecular Frontiers Research Centre) and Prof. Helena Nevelainen (Head of Chemsitry and Biomolecular Sciences).

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