Zero Childhood Cancer Program

Zero Childhood Cancer Program

Zero Childhood Cancer Program

This project is funded by a National Health and Medical Research Council Grant.

Project main description

This project is for the development of an implementation and evaluation strategy for the integration of precision medicine into paediatric oncology using the Zero Childhood Cancer (ZERO) Program.

This is a translational research collaboration between Children’s Cancer Institute and the Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospital, the laboratory and clinical ZERO program leaders, respectively.

Project members - Macquarie University

Research Fellow


Zero Childhood Cancer Program


ZERO is the most ambitious and comprehensive child cancer research program ever undertaken in Australia. The program demonstrates unprecedented collaboration, uniquely bringing together clinicians from child cancer treatment centres throughout Australia, together with leading national research partners to deliver Australia’s first ever personalised medicine program for children with high-risk or relapsed cancer (overall survival <30%). Additionally, the program has built a global alliance with international partners in the US and Europe.


The aims of this implementation science study are to:

  1. Undertake implementation science-driven research to assess and report on barriers and facilitators to the integration of a precision medicine model of care into clinical settings;
  2. Evaluate opportunities for a coordinated national implementation initiative that will be key to influence policy, translate and integrate new best practice and standard of care on a large scale.

Design and method

Using a mixed-method study design we will integrate findings from both quantitative and qualitative data capture activities, following in-depth analysis of each dataset, and the triangulation of datasets, to achieve a comprehensive understanding of Program processes and impact.


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