Implementation science

Implementation science

Much is made of the patient experience, but what does it mean to be the recipient of a long-term care plan, and what do we know of patients’ experiences of consultations where important, often life-changing conversations take place? How do patients respond to an unexpected diagnosis or a prognosis of long-term ill health, and how would patients wish to be better supported during clinical interactions? Professor Frances Rapport’s work, driving the Implementation Science stream, employs qualitative and multi-methods approaches to address health services research questions through trials, exploratory and complex study designs. The research of the stream aims to clarify the social, emotional, and physical determinants of ill-health.

Current studies are being undertaken in the negotiation of risk in cancer and the impact of chronic conditions such as epilepsy on patients’ quality of life. The Implementation Science stream aims to include patients, carers and clinicians in decision-making and negotiated care, and to combine data sources such as interviews, focus groups and large-scale surveys, to ensure rich data translates into practice. The stream has developed a range of projects for collaborations across Macquarie University and external healthcare providers in oncology, epilepsy and hearing health.

Stream Team Members

Frances Rapport


Anne Hogden

Research Fellow

Patti Shih

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Mia Bierbaum

Research Officer

Rebecca Seah

Research Assistant

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