Rouse Hill Hospital

Rouse Hill Hospital

Rouse Hill Hospital Development Project: Towards an innovative, far-reaching research-based solution for the local community

Project members - Macquarie University

Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

Associate Professor Robyn Clay-Williams E:

Associate Professor Peter Hibbert

Dr Ann Carrigan E:

Dr Natalie Roberts E:

Associate Professor Rebecca Mitchell

Dr Janet Long

Professor Frances Rapport 

Associate Professor Yvonne Zurynski

Dr Gaston Arnolda

Project Contact:

Dr Ann Carrigan E:

External project members

  • Ms Katherine Maka, Western Sydney Local Health District  E:
  • Mr Chrissan Segaram, Western Sydney Local Health District  E:

Project main description

The delivery of hospital care is dramatically changing in the face of new technologies, coupled with increasing social and economic burdens of ageing populations and prevalence of chronic disease. To address the growing challenges hospitals and governments, in Australia and globally, are experimenting with more cost-effective care alternatives, delivered outside hospitals walls; prioritising greater consumer engagement; and investing in digitised care services.

This video describes the research project and was presented to an audience of community members and local healthcare providers in August 2021.


This project seeks to provide a research-based approach to the Rouse Hill hospital being developed by Health Infrastructure and the Western Sydney Health District. To design a new model for community-based provision of acute care and support services we need to turn to the community and health care providers to understand their expectations and needs of innovative models of care.

Design and method

The project will commence with a grey and academic literature review to identify the key innovative models of health care. A brief survey will then be widely distributed to healthcare providers and consumers from the Rouse Hill catchment. The responders to this survey may volunteer to be part of more extensive consultation through facilitator-coordinated workshops, and follow-up interviews. Members of the culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities will also be consulted.


Adopting an evidence-based approach, we will elucidate opinions from the community and providers within the catchment of a new healthcare facility about the barriers and enablers pertaining to seven innovative models of care. This will provide a model for future developing hospitals, in Australia and globally.

Publications related to this research

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Funding acknowledgement

Health Infrastructure NSW

Project status


Centres related to this project

Centre for Healthcare Resilience and Implementation Science

NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability

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