Centre of research excellence in e-health

Centre of research excellence in e-health

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Professor and Director  Enrico Coiera
T: +61 2 9850 2403
E: enrico.coiera@mq.edu.au

Project main description

The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in e-health commenced operation in 2012. Investigators in the CRE come from Macquarie University, the University of NSW, Sydney University, Bond University, and the University of South Australia. Professor Coiera directs the $2.5 million CRE, whose work program includes new collaborative research between the Centre for Health Informatics at Macquarie University and its four partner Universities. The CRE is co-located with the Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI) at Macquarie University. It was previously co-located with UNSW.

The CRE targets major evidence gaps in the safety and quality of clinical and consumer E-health systems. It contributes robustly to national e-health policy, and urgently builds national capacity in e-health research to meet current and emerging national health priorities.

The CRE has its own website ehealth.edu.au and a summary of the content is shown below.

Major aims

The CRE conducts a collaborative research program with three major aims, where research evidence is urgently needed, and opportunities for translational impact are high.

Aim 1: E-health safety

To monitor the safety and quality of e-health implementations as they roll out nationally, the CRE is developing, and will in the early stages operate, a national e-health critical incident system. Analysis of incident reports can generate critical alerts for government, vendors, clinicians and the community, as well as contribute to the development of an international classification of information technology (IT) related incidents, and theoretical and empirical models of IT failure. Read more

Aim 2: Consumer e-health

Despite the growing national investment in consumer personal health record systems, we know little about their impact on health outcomes, or the types of errors that are associated with their use. Given the importance of disease prevention and self-management in the chronically ill, the CRE is trialling a consumer e-health system to measure its potential impact on outcomes or service utilisation.Read more

Aim 3: Decision support

Whilst current clinical decision support systems typically improve clinical decisions overall, there are significant risks that clinicians can be misled in certain settings or circumstances, to make poorer decisions. The CRE is developing the next generation in evidence-based decision support technologies, engineered to minimise risks with current systems that can mislead users, or fit poorly into practice. The CRE will also pioneer the use of these technologies to support systematic review teams. Read more

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Our people

Chief investigatorsOther researchersProfessional staff
Professor Enrico CoieraDr Guy TsafnatMr Jingbo Liu
Professor Paul GlasziouDr Adam DunnMr Vitaliy Kim
Professor Teng LiawDr Annie LauMs Jenny Waldie
Dr Vitali SintchenkoDr Ying Wang 
Professor Bill RuncimanDr Mi-Ok Kim 
Associate Professor Farah MagrabiDr Liliana Laranjo 
Associate Professor Blanca Gallego-Luxan  


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Project Sponsors

National Health & Medical Research Council - Centres of Research Excellence APP1032664

Collaborative Partners

Macquarie University
University of NSW
University of Sydney
Bond University
University of South Australia

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