Our People

Our People

Chief Investigators:

  • Dr Reidar P. Lystad
    • Australian Institute of Health Innovation
    • E: reidar.lystad@mq.edu.au
    • T: +61 (2) 9850 2464
    • Dr Lystad is an injury epidemiologist with experience conducting population-based studies using linked health data.
  • Dr Lorna Peters
    • Department of Psychology
    • lorna.peters@mq.edu.au
    • +61 (2) 9850 6727
    • Dr Peters has been conducting research in the area of anxiety, in particular social anxiety, since the late 1980s. Her research has examined efficacy of treatments for social anxiety disorders and development of psychometric tools to enhance diagnosis and measurement of severity of psychopathology.
  • Dr Melissa Johnstone
    • Department of Educational Studies
    • melissa.johnstone@mq.edu.au
    • +61 (2) 9850 9807
    • Dr Johnstone’s research examines key life transitions that are associated with changes in well-being. She has extensive expertise in longitudinal research, including questionnaire development and analysis of multiple waves of cohort data (e.g. Longitudinal Study of Australian Children, Longitudinal Survey of Separated Parents, and Australian Longitudinal Studies on Women’s Health).
  • Dr Louise Ellis
    • Australian Institute of Health Innovation
    • louise.ellis@mq.edu.au
    • +61 (2) 9850 2484
    • Dr Ellis has research expertise in the role of social media and online technologies in improving the mental health and wellbeing of adolescents and young adults. She has extensive experience in developing large scale health-related datasets (e.g. Young and Well National Surveys and Global Health and Wellbeing Survey), and in analysing longitudinal survey data (e.g. Australian Child to Adult Development Study).

Associate Investigators:

  • Associate Professor Rebecca Mitchell
    • Australian Institute of Health Innovation
    • r.mitchell@mq.edu.au
    • +61 (2) 9850 2321
    • A/Prof Mitchell leads the Health Outcomes Stream at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation and her research focuses on understanding the determinants of injury risk and examining health outcomes following injury and other health conditions to guide the development of preventive strategies, public policy, and health services delivery. She has extensive experience in analysing large administrative linked data collections and in conducting mixed-methods research.
  • Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite
    • Australian Institute of Health Innovation
    • jeffrey.braithwaite@mq.edu.au
    • +61 (2) 9850 2401
    • Prof Braithwaite is a leading health services and systems researcher, internationally recognised for his research in implementation science and systems improvement. He is the Foundation Director of the Australian Institute of Health Innovation and has considerable expertise in conducting research on social-professional networks and in health care.
  • Associate Professor Viviana Wuthrich
    • Department of Psychology
    • viviana.wuthrich@mq.edu.au
    • +61 (2) 9850 4866
    • A/ Prof Wuthrich has research expertise in the understanding and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders in adolescents and older adults. She has developed a number of effective treatment programs, including the Chilled Out computerised programs for anxious adolescents and the Ageing Wisely program for comorbid anxiety and depression in older adults.
  • Professor Janaki Amin
    • Department of Health Systems and Populations
    • janaki.amin@mq.edu.au
    • +61 (2) 9850 2404
    • Prof Amin has research expertise in conducting cohort studies, clinical trials, and surveillance of infectious diseases. She has conducted large data linkage studies examining health outcomes following hepatitis B and C infection, cancer risk in transplant recipients, and health-related behaviours and outcomes in gay and bi-sexual men.
  • Dr Cate Cameron
    • Queensland Health
    • cate.cameron@health.qld.gov.au
    • Dr Cameron has 25 years of experience in clinical, public health, and epidemiology research focusing on two major areas: long-term health and psychosocial outcomes following trauma, and application of data linkage methods and complex large longitudinal data analyses.

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