Vizard virtual reality


We use Vizard Virtual Reality Engine.

Here are the links to a bunch of tutorials to start VR programming using Python scripting language.

Wikitude Edu licence

We use Wikitude SDK for the development of Augmented Reality applications. We would like to acknowledge the support of Wikitude GmbH.

Presence, Immersion, Simulator Sickness, Usablity Tests

If you wish to see the questionnaires we use, please view the Questionnaires for virtual environment developers (PDF).

Anxiety Tests

If you wish to see the questionnaires we use for anxiety,  please view Questionnaires for anxiety (PDF).

Creativity Tests

Our research focuses on human information processing and signal processing. If you wish to see what part of your brain you utilise most, please see the following website to do some tests: http://www.indiana.edu/~bobweb/r546/modules/creativity/creativity_tests.html


Welcome to another Hovercraft Racing Tutorial. This second tutorial is quite similar to the first tutorial. In this second tutorial we will be using Softimage and Blender3D to create model for Torque Game Engine. This tutorial will look into modeling a simple hovercraft, adding checkpoints and creating a game world by utilising Terragen and Torque's built-in editor.

This tutorial was written based on Torque Game Engine v1.4, most of the steps explained here can be done also for v1.3.

We won't discuss Softimage|XSI in depth here, assuming that you're already familiar with XSI user interface; selection tools (Spacebar, T, Y, U, I, and M key) and transformation tools (X, C and V key).

Modeling techniques used in this tutorial can be applied with other 3D modeling packages such as; Blender, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave and Milkshape.

Torque Tutorial (PDF 17MB)

Direct X Programming Intro

This exercise will give you an introduction to using DirectX. We are going to try and cover a large amount of the fundamentals but we will be following the Sample framework provided by the SDK, hopefully simplifying the load.

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