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Photo of Cat Kutay

Dr Cat Kutay


Cat Kutay graduated from UNSW in 2006 with a PhD in group based learning support using rule-based agents. She has been working in developing eLearning systems, including python web services, mobile apps with games and Unity games. She is working with the encultured agents system FAtiMA developed at GAIPS in Portugal to create agents suitable for enacting Aboriginal culture in games. The games are simulations with some interaction based on community stories and are designed for embedding Aboriginal content into the curriculum.

VR programmers

Photo of John Porte

Mr John Porte

Science IT

Teaching and Research technology support

Photo of Meredith Taylor

Ms Meredith Taylor

Meredith Taylor graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Computer Science in 2007 then completed Honours in 2008 with her thesis ‘Finding and validating experts’, which explored methods of creating and regulating an expert recommender system. She is currently working on a joint MQU and USyd ARC Discovery grant on the use of "Multi-User Virtual Environments for Science inquiry in Australian secondary high schools”.

Photo of Christopher Walker

Mr Christopher Walker

Mr Christopher Walker has a BSc (Software Tech) Macquarie University and Diploma Computer Networking NSI TAFE 2009. He is a games and simulation programmer interested in customised control systems and Virtual Reality interfaces based on the Arduino hardware platform.

PhD candidates

Photo of David Walker

Mr David Walker


Cognitive Load in Strategic Decision Making

Photo of Hasan Alyamani

Mr Hasan Alyamani


Hasan J. Alyamani is a PhD candidate in the Department of Computing and a member of VR lab, Macquarie University. Hasan recieved his Bsc (Computer Science) from Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia in 2006 and Ms (Computer Science) from The University of Waikato, New Zealand in 2012. His research interests lie in HCI, cognitive abilities and human behavior.

Photo of Hessam Jahani

Mr Hessam Jahani


Hessam Jahani Fariman is the PhD candidate and researcher in department of Computing and VR lab, Macquarie University. He received his B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran in 2011 and M.Sc. in Control and Automation Engineering from University of Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, in 2014. His areas of interest include Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation.

Photo of Zhenzhong Liu

Mr Zhenzhong Liu


Motor Cognition and Agents using Cognitive Robotics in User Navigation

Photo of Majed Alrowaily

Mr Majed Alrowaily


Majed Abdullah Alrowaily is a PhD candidate in the Department of Computing and a member of VR lab, Macquarie University. Majed received his bachelor degree in Education,Major Computer from Aljouf University, Saudi Arabia in 2006 and MSc (Computer Science) from The University of Waikato, New Zealand in 2012. His research interests lie in HCI, smart meters, social networks and energy behaviour.

Past members (once upon a time in VISOR)

Previous VISOR research group members
Past memberArea(S)Department
Darren Burke Psychology, Human Vision and perception, Cognitive Modeling Department of Psychology
Julian Lesley Statistics, Forensic Sciences Department of Statistics
Scott McCallum Computer Graphics, Maths Department of Computing
Debbie Richards Knowledge based systems, cognitive modeling, machine learning/data mining, Human Computer Interaction Department of Computing
Michael Hitchens Networks and Security, Computer Role Playing Games Department of Computing
Chris Anderson Forensic Sciences Department of Statistics
Kathryn Millard Story Telling Department of Media
Lee Flax Cognitive Modelling, Information Systems  
Mark Dras Language Technology Department of Computing
Postdoctoral Fellows
Past memberArea(s)Duration
Dr Iwan Kelaiah Gesture Recognition January 2012-2013
Dr Ali Boyali Motion Tracking May-2010-July-2012
Dr Tauseef Gulrez Computer Assisted Robotics


April 2008-2009

Dr Nicolas Szilas Interactive Drama, Computer Games

Feb 2005-Feb 2006

July-August 2004

Miriam Lloyd Tele-presence, Projection Cubes, Caves July –October 2005
Completed PhD
Past memberArea(s)Duration
Jing Liu

Analysis of Gender Differences in Speech and Hand Gesture Coordination for the design of Multimodal Interface Systems

E-IPRS (Endeavor-IPRS) Scholar, Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (MQRES) Schola

Maximillian Wittmann Understanding Computer Graphics Student Problem Solving through Source-Code Analysis 2008-2013
Yi Fan Gao Facial Expression Classification Using Optical Tracking, Wavelet Filters and Subspace Learning Method 21.2.2005-4.6.2013
Eric Malbos Psychological Rehabilitation using VR


Department of Psychology

Susan Bruck Simulator Sickness 2006-2012
Eric Fassbender Collaborative Learning Environments


Department of Computing

Anders Tychsen

Play Story, Communication, Character, and Cross-platform Gaming Experiences in Multi Player Role Playing Games



Department of Computing

Rudra Tarashankar

Emotion classification and Analysis in the Design and Implementation of a Game Pidgin Language

APAI - ARC Scholar


Department of Computing

Tauseef Gulrez

Body Machine Interface – Remapping Residual Mobility of Spinal Cord Injured patients to Control Assistive Robotic Devices

RAACE Scholar


Department of Computing

Iwan Kelaiah (Kartiko)

The Visual Complexity of Instructional Animations in Training Simulations to Promote Learning: Guidelines for Virtual Reality Designers

ARC Scholar


Department of Computing

Zheng Zhou Biometric facial recognition


Department of Computing

Antonio Lafusa The Emergent Behaviour of Self Replicating Machines


Department of Computing

Research Fellows
Past memberArea(s)Department
Dilshan Jayarathna Virtual Reality, Hand Gesture Recognition Department of Computing
Mine Cicek Gesture Recognition Department of Computing
Nolwenn Bigoin Virtual Reality, Motion Sickness, 3D Modeling Universite De La Mediterranee
Honours and ITEC students
Past memberArea(s)Department
Dilmi Pallayuruge Motion Capture Department of Computing
Andrew Hills Virtual Reality, Biometrics, Emotion Recognition Department of Computing
Research Programmers
Past memberArea(s)
Jason Barles Training simulations, UnrealEngine Mods, Programming, CAVE building
Tom Fellman Virtual Reality Engine, programming, CAVE building
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