Our projects

Our projects

Group 1: Humans in their Ancient Urban and Natural Environments

Group 1 seeks to understand how humans interacted with their environments in the ancient world of ancient Greece and Rome, Egypt, Byzantium, China, and pre-colonial Australia.

Associated Projects

Urban Rivers of the Past, a cultural history of rivers; mapping water flows and the impact of people on nature and ancient landscapes – Ania Kotarba-Morley et al.

Group 2: Receptions of Ancient Cultural Heritage

This group will respond to questions around how we authenticate the artefacts and ancient discourses that are being studied to understand ancient knowledge and practices.

Associated Projects

Digital Heritage: bringing to life the virtual past, experience rock art from ancient Israel in its original 3D context  - Fred Hardtke

Exploring the Past with Data – Ronika Power

Macquarie @Beni Hassan – Alex Woods and co. Google arts.

A History of Inks on Egyptian Papyri – Malcolm Choat and Damian Gore

Group 3: Ancient Models of Leadership: Learning from the Past

Group 3 seeks to answer the research question: what can ancient models and examples of leadership contribute to questions of leadership and government in the contemporary world?

Associated Projects

Roman Elites and their Advisors – who led the leaders of the Roman empire, and how did it change during crises?  - Tom Hillard and Lea Beness

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