Engage with us

Engage with us

CACHE seeks postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers interested in joining our team, and encourages approaches from potential Higher Degree Research students and those who wish to be sponsored by a centre member in a postdoctoral fellowship application.

Students can undertake a PhD or MPhil thesis or pursue postdoctoral opportunities.

CACHE supervisors

CACHE members are able to supervise PhD and MRes thesis projects on a wide range of topics in the ancient world (listed below). Please contact the centre or staff member with whom you are interested in working.


Archaeology and excavation (current digs at Beni Hasan, Dendera, and Thebes), art history, textual interpretation. Potential Supervisors:

Coptic studies

History, language, and literature.

Potential Supervisors: Malcolm Choat

Egypt in the post-Pharaonic period

Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Egypt. Potential Supervisors:

Early Christian and Jewish studies

With emphases on the social context of early Christianity within the Roman empire, papyrological and epigraphic evidence. Potential Supervisors:

Late Antiquity

Late Roman empire: eastern frontier and post-imperial west, Byzantine thought and art. Potential Supervisors:

Silk Road studies

Religious history including Manichaeism, art history. Potential Supervisors:


Religion, philosophy, and literature in ancient China. Potential Supervisors:


Including the study of papyri themselves or historical or linguistic topics using papyrological evidence. Potential Supervisors:


Especially the study of Greek coinage.

Potential Supervisors:

Classical Greek and Latin languages

The cultural contexts and  history of Latin and Greek, especially in the post-classical period.

Potential Supervisors: Trevor Evans


Using geological and geochemical techniques to understand artefacts and past environments.

Potential Supervisors:

Rome and Italy

Rome in the Republic and Early Empire and the archaeology of Italy. Potential Supervisors:

Higher Degree Research Support

A variety of schemes provide support for Higher Degree Research studies within CACHE. These include funding for research travel and other expenses, and residential fellowships. These are awarded on a competitive basis.

University schemes

The Department of Ancient History offers a range of fellowships and scholarships for postgraduate students.

Faculty of Arts Higher Degree Research Funding makes funds available for activities that facilitate on-time completion of the thesis.

The Postgraduate Research Fund (PGRF) is a one-off grant, which may be used to support your research.

Contact us

Professor Bronwen Neil
Centre Director

E: cache@mq.edu.au

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