Top energy expert offers insight

Top energy expert offers insight

The presentation on Friday 4 November considered recent changes in the processes involved in supplying gas for export from Russia and the implications for other gas exporting countries, especially Australia.

Dr Bros has worked in the energy field for more than 20 years, involved with both policy and trading. He launched the European gas and power research arm for Société Générale in 2011. He is recognised as a leader in the energy industry sector having been credited as best European gas analyst for four years in a row (2013-2016) based on the broad range of strategic issues covered.

Dr Bros is a member of the EU-Russia Gas Advisory Council and an advisor for the World Energy Council - Global Gas Centre. He is also a visiting professor at SciencesPo Paris, a senior research fellow at Oxford University, a senior expert at Energy Delta Institute, an Advisory Board Member for the Research Center for Energy Management (ESCP Europe) and a visiting lecturer at IFP School.

Thierry Bros has a Master of chemical engineering from ESPCI ParisTech and a PhD from Ecole Centrale Paris.

The visit was hosted by Centre for Financial Risk member Rosalyne Joyeux from the Department of Economics.

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