2nd Australasian Commodity Markets Conference

2nd Australasian Commodity Markets Conference

Organised and hosted by the Centre for Financial Risk and held in conjunction with the Journal of Commodity Markets, the Conference provided a forum for presenting and discussing high-quality research in all areas of economics and finance related to commodity markets. This year the conference had a special focus on risk management in power markets and the transition of electricity markets, renewable energy and stranded assets.

The Conference included a keynote speech by Jaime Cassasus (Catholic University of Chile) on ‘The Economic Impact of Oil on Industry Portfolios’ and several academic and industry plenary sessions, including presentations by Professor Mike Aitken (CEO, Capital Markets CRC),  Alex Georgievski (Managing Partner, Woollahra Partners), Thomas Schmitz (Head of Sales – Global Commodities, EEX), Professor Martina Linnenluecke (Macquarie University)  and Isham Nilar (Origin Energy).

There were over 40 international and national presenters and attendees. The conference program included presentations on a diverse field of research areas, including, among others, the dynamics of oil prices, modelling and risk management in electricity markets, investment and trading in commodity markets, renewable energy, energy consumption and growth, and the price behaviour of exotic commodities.

The conference chairs were Lurion De Mello and Stefan Trueck. The organising committee comprised Professor Martina Linnenluecke, Professor Marcel Prokopczuk, Professor Pavel Shevchenko and Professor Tom Smith.

The conference organisers would like to acknowledge and thank eeX, Woollahra Partners and Capital Markets CRC for their contribution to a very successful event.

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