Prosperous economies

Prosperous economies

Modelling electricity prices

Centre for Financial Risk Co-director Professor Stefan Trueck wants to keep utility prices reasonable in Australia. He creates statistical or econometrical models to forecast the price behaviour of electricity. This is particularly important for large customers such as retailers who buy electricity on exchange and could be at risk with extreme price fluctuations. His models help hedge those risks.

“I want to do things that help people, that help the economy and help financial markets to achieve better outcomes,” Trueck says.

Our prosperous economies future-shaping research priority focuses on strengthening economic productivity to promote prosperity in our diverse world.

Role, operation and risks in global financial and economic systems

Given the increasing importance of financial systems in world affairs and geopolitics, our researchers explore themes of ageing and superannuation, employment risk and measurement, the operation of financial markets and corporate financial management. As financial and economic systems are socially integrated, we explore the impact of human factors in finance, financial decision-making and financial sustainability.

Organisation sustainability, productivity and competitiveness

We explore the impact of technology, changing work patterns, new products and services, increasing competition and changing power structures in an ever-changing global economy. We focus on Australia's role in the socioeconomic hub of Asia and how we can increase productivity and economic growth to enhance the wellbeing of all Australians.

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