Simulation Hub

Simulation Hub

Driving innovation in human performance research

The Macquarie University Simulation Hub draws together a range of simulation devices into one location, enabling leading experts from the University and the industry to collaborate on translational research across a wide-range of disciplines.

World's first and only

The first and only facility of its type in the world, the hub enables concurrent research in human performance, from driving, music to sports, all in one place.

Future-shaping research

Be part of our world-changing research that is focusing on solving real problems and making a positive and lasting impact of global importance.

Cutting-edge technology

Conduct both research and commercial training using the latest technology in a safe and controlled environment that mimics the real-world.

  • Driving simulation lab

    Monitor driver behaviour, performance, and attention or conduct commercial training in a safe environment...

  • Home, work and recreation simulation lab

    Study human behavioural problems in controlled rooms that simulates the lounge, office and bar environment...

  • Flight simulation lab

    Re-create aircraft flight and the environment in which it flies for research into air craft control handling quality...

  • Motion capture and simulation lab

    Study the precise timing of complex actions, such as the timed movements of elite musicians, athletes, and dancers...

  • Virtual reality lab

    Access the unaccessible, fly through space or visit a classroom through immersive virtual reality equipment...

  • Contact an expert

    Contact our experts about research collaboration opportunities or access to our facilities...

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