Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre

Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre

Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre

Bringing together innovative research and technology to make a profound difference to health and capital markets.

The Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) is Australia’s leading research and development organisation specialising in thought leadership and break-through technology solutions for finance and health markets.

Combined resources for optimal market quality

CMCRC has 40 senior researchers, more than 50 postgraduate students and 30 full-time professional staff hailing from the fields of finance, health, engineering, computer science and information systems. Industry partners provide similar skilled personnel and together they work on solutions for the future operations of global health and capital markets.

Their end-user driven research seeks to address the major challenges facing Australia focussing on two key research areas:

Research in finance

The CMCRC finance program evaluates the impact and relation between regulation, information, participants, instruments and technology. It seeks to provide a better understanding of market quality by examining the financial market's efficiency and integrity (for example: insider trading, market manipulation or broker-client conflict).

Information from this research is used to inform both policy makers and industry stakeholders to deliver better outcomes for users of capital markets. CMCRC finance also aims to realise the commercial benefits from innovation.

Research in health

The CMCRC health program addresses the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare funders, providers and consumers. The goals of the program are to enhance the integrity and efficiency of the market through development of advanced analytical and performance management solutions.

Consulting, funding, educating: putting research into practice

The CMCRC has a consulting team, CM Consulting, and a funding body, Capital Markets Technologies. They also provide unique evidence-based PhD programs for finance, health, actuarial, applied mathematics and computing students who are exceptional high achievers.

The research team

The 40-strong research team at CMCRC is led by Professor Michael Aitken. As Chief Scientist and Professor of ICT Strategy at Macquarie University, Professor Aitken is a top-ranking academic, experienced industry practitioner and expert witness. He has overseen the development of fraud detection technologies for securities, accounting and audit, and insurance markets. The CMCRC includes other distinguished Macquarie University academics.

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