2018 Abstracts

2018 Abstracts

Jacob Gade Koefoed

Time: Tuesday 4th September at 12pm

Location: Multipurpose room

Title: Four-wave mixing for single-photon generation and manipulation


The ability to reliably generate and manipulate a wide range of quantum-optical states is essential for many quantum technologies such as quantum key distribution and optical quantum computing. Four-wave mixing in third-order nonlinear materials is a promising tool for these operations, offering the capability to generate pairs of photons from vacuum fluctuations or frequency-translate optical quantum states depending on the dispersion of the nonlinear waveguide. This talk will explore this rich space of possibilities and discuss the challenges of creating high-quality photon generation and frequency conversion.

Topics include

Photon-pair generation in multimode fibers, waveguides and resonators with focus on spectral correlations in the pair and destructive parasitic effects such as group-velocity dispersion.

The need for quantum frequency conversion and implementations using four-wave mixing with focus securing unidirectionality.

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