How does WOMBAT work?

How does WOMBAT work?

WOMBAT is comprised of two separate but interlinked components: the WOMBAT App and the WOMBAT Web App.

  • The WOMBAT App is the software application that is installed on your iOS device (iPad, iPad mini or iPhone) and enables the collection of data, which is stored on your iOS device until uploaded to the WOMBAT Web App.
  • The WOMBAT Web App is a web portal with a unique address that sits on a secure external server. The Web App is where data collection templates are designed, and uploaded study data are securely stored.

The WOMBAT App is freely available on the App Store and includes a Lite Version. In the Lite Version, you can explore WOMBAT data collection using the provided sample study data collection templates. Please note, collected data are not saved to your device in the Lite Version. A licence is required to access the My WOMBAT Studies section of the App where data can be collected and saved. Licenced users are provided with My WOMBAT Sign In credentials, which links the WOMBAT App to a WOMBAT Web App allowing users access to their custom designed data collection templates and uploading of collected data.

See WOMBAT in action.

Find WOMBAT 3.0 on the App Store.

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