More about WOMBAT

More about WOMBAT

WOMBAT is comprised of two separate but interlinked programs:

  1. The “tablet app” is the program that is installed on the tablet computer. This is the hands-on program which enables you to collect data in the field. Collected data is stored on the tablet until it is uploaded to the web app.
  2. The “web app” program is installed on an external server with a unique web address. The web app provides a portal to:
  3. Register new users, and modify permissions and access for existing users;
  4. Design, modify, copy and export study templates for data collection;
  5. Upload participant attributes;
  6. Download data for analysis.

Data are uploaded from the tablet to the web app for secure storage and are downloaded from the web app in .csv format (compatible with Excel).

A redesign of the WOMBAT database has increased the capacity to undertake more sophisticated analyses and examine new measures, including examining the sequence of tasks in order to assess changes in work flow rather than viewing tasks in isolation.

The new WOMBAT also enables automatic calculation of the fragments of time for interrupted tasks, and assists researchers to examine the impact that interruptions have on, for example, task completion times.

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