Communities of practice and social professional networks

Communities of practice and social professional networks

Evaluating communities of practice and social-professional networks: the development, design, testing, refinement, simulation and application of an evaluation framework


Project Members - Macquarie University

Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite - Professor and Director

Professor Johanna Westbrook - Professor and Director

Professor Andrew Georgiou - Professor

Project Main Description

Communities of practice and social-professional networks are generally considered to enhance workplace experience and enable organisational success. However, despite the remarkable growth in interest in the role of collaborating structures in a range of industries, there is a paucity of empirical research to support this view. Nor is there a convincing model for their systematic evaluation, despite the significant potential benefits in answering the core question: how well do groups of professionals work together and how could they be organised to work together more effectively? This research project will produce a rigorous evaluation methodology and deliver supporting tools for the benefit of researchers, policymakers, practitioners and consumers within the health system and other sectors. Given the prevalence and importance of communities of practice and social networks, and the extent of investments in them, this project represents a scientific innovation of national and international significance.

Project Sponsors

Australian Research Council - Discovery Project|DP0986493

Project Status


Centres Related to this Project

Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research

Centre for Healthcare Resilience and Implementation Science

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