Diagnostic informatics

Diagnostic informatics

Diagnostic testing (laboratory medicine, anatomic pathology and medical imaging) underpin much of our health care system, generating information that is crucial to the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, stratification of risk and treatment of disease. Whilst diagnostic testing may account for a small (less than 5%) proportion of most hospital budgets, it is considered to have a huge influence on medical decision-making. Diagnostic informatics relates to the gathering, integrating, interpreting and communicating of data and information, an integral part of the diagnostic process and crucial to the quality and safety of patient care. The diagnostic informatics research team is involved in major areas of research across the diagnostic analytical process. This ranges from research about the clinical choice of diagnostic request, the quality and efficiency of the analytical process, right through to the interpretation and follow-up of test results and their impact on patient care outcomes.

Stream Team Members

Professor Andrew Georgiou

Dr Maria Dahm
Research Fellow

Dr Rae-Anne Hardie
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ms Yu Jia Julie Li
Research Assistant

Mr Gorkem Sezgin
Research Assistant

Dr Nasir Wabe
Research Fellow

Mr Guilherme Franco

Dr Judith Thomas
Research Assistant

Selected Stream Projects

Improving test result communication, management and follow-up
Quality use of pathology in general practice
Frequency and variability of haemolysis reporting
Variation in hospital pathology investigations
Enhancing pathology test requesting and result management

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