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Study Egyptology


Study Egyptology at Macquarie University

Are you interested in learning about Ancient Egypt? Macquarie University is the only university in Australia with an undergradate to PhD level program in the discipline. Egyptology is integral to the degrees offered by the Department of History and Archaeology.

Subject matter covered includes Egyptian archaeology, language and history, enabling students to develop a sound foundation for further study and research.

Egyptology teaching staff offer the following undergraduate-level units on Ancient Egypt:

  • The Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East: Applying Lessons from the Past (AHIS/AHIX 1250)
  • Ancient Egypt: Culture & Society (AHIS/AHIX 2250)
  • Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art: Theory and Practice (AHIS/AHIX 2251)
  • Hieroglyphic Egyptian – levels A / B / C / D (AHIS 1150, 2150, 3150, 3102)
  • Coptic Egyptian – levels A / B (AHIS 1160, 2160)

Egyptological content is also included at undergraduate level in:

  • Myth in the Ancient World (AHIS/AHIX 1200)
  • Digging up the Past: An Introduction to Archaeology (AHIS1300)
  • World Archaeology (AHIS1301)
  • From Alexander to Augustus: The Hellenistic Age (AHIS/AHIX 2210)
  • Archaeology of Death and Burial (AHIS 2301)
  • Archaeology and Society: Archaeological Evidence (AHIS 2302)
  • Capstone in Ancient History and Archaeology: Individual research project (AHIS/AHIX 3000)
  • Material Culture and Museums (AHIS/AHIX 3001)
  • Cultural Heritage and Public History (AHIS 3005): Student internship
  • Women and Gender in the Ancient World (AHIS/AHIX 3201)
  • From the Magi to Merlin: The History of Magic (AHIS 3202)
  • State Formation in the Ancient World (AHIS/AHIX 3251)
  • Laboratory Methods in Archaeology (AHIS 3302)
  • Dialogue of Cultures in the Ancient World (AHIS/AHIX 3241)
  • Field Methods in Archaeology (AHIS 3306)

Postgraduate-level units on Ancient Egypt:

  • Ancient Languages Foundation (includes Hieroglyphic Egyptian and Coptic Egyptian) (AHIS/AHIX 6100, AHIS/AHIX 6200)
  • Capstone Advanced Project: Individual research project (AHIS 8000)
  • Egypt: Alexander to Augustus (AHIS 8213)
  • Egypt in the Age of Akhenaten and Tutankhamun (AHIS8252)

For further information, please consult our online course handbooks:

Undergraduate studies

Bachelor of Arts - major in Ancient History

Bachelor of Ancient History

Bachelor of Archaeology

Postgraduate studies

Master of Ancient History

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